What Are the Most Common Window Styles in Kansas City, KS?

If you’ve noticed your home’s getting a bit draftier in the winter, and your air conditioning seems to be working overtime in the summer, it might be time for new windows. As important entry points to your home, much of your home’s energy efficiency comes from having well-sealed, high quality windows that prevent air circulation when closed. More than that, a beautiful window can really boost the curb appeal of your house, making it a true refuge to enjoy and show off.

There are a plethora of window styles out there, each with their merits, and window treatments differ by region. If you’re in the stunning state of Kansas and you’re in the market for some new panes, you might wonder what would be best for bustling Kansas City: should you go for a plain jane double-hung window or a fancy, fabulous casement window? Today, we’ll discuss the most popular styles for this vibrant metropolitan area, then explain why a qualified Kansas City window company can help you make the best selection for your own home.

There are four popular window styles in sunny Kansas City

While every homeowner has their own preferences, the four most popular window styles are double-hung, casement, sliding, and awning windows. Let’s take a look at each of them and consider why they might be most appreciated by homeowners in this region.

Double-hung windows are a ubiquitous choice all across the United States, and Kansas is no exception. With two vertical panes which can be opened one at a time, these windows are an excellent choice for families with young children or pets. The top panel is above the reach of a toddler or dog, and you won’t need to worry about them trying to climb out of the window. Most of the newer models can be tipped out so that you can easily place a bug screen in the summer.

The next type is the sash window, which is the horizontal cousin of double-hung windows. Instead of being pushed up or down, these can be moved from side to side; they may be paired with a picture window in a living room so that you can appreciate a wide vista and some fresh air.

Moving away from the sliding and gliding windows, we come to the casement window; these open outward like a door with the use of a crank, which will then be locked in place when it’s in position. While they may seem a bit risky for areas with high winds, the casement mechanism is quite hardy and can take a bit of buffeting from tough breezes.

Similar to the casement window, an awning window opens outward, but it is held up like an awning. This is great for rainy days, as you can really enjoy the scents and sounds of gloomy weather without getting wet.

Talk to a Kansas City expert to find out which window style is right for your home

These four, while the most popular for the area, are only a sample of the many different styles available for windows. Given that this is a major investment that will impact the beauty and functionality of your home, it’s important to get an expert opinion – and a professional installation. If windows aren’t sealed correctly, they can allow moisture and drafts into your home, which can lead to extensive structural damage, as well as sky-high electricity bills. More than that, improperly hung windows will degrade much faster than they might otherwise, meaning you will have to replace them far sooner than you should. Whether you’re renovating your whole home or just replacing a single broken window, it is always best to have professional assistance with matters such as these.

A professional window company will be able to assess your home and suggest different styles that might work best, including the finishes that would look great with the given architecture. For example, if you have a beautiful Victorian, you might go with a casement window, as they have that old-world charm to fit your historical house; for a more contemporary home, a sash window has a sleek look that will perfectly match that modern feel.

Once you’ve selected a window type, the contractors will get to work removing the old windows, preparing the entry points, carefully hanging the new windows, and sealing them in place. This can be done quite quickly, so you don’t need to worry about having your whole home exposed for days on end. Great companies will be efficient but respectful, cleaning up after themselves and ensuring that you understand exactly what you must do to protect your new investment. They will answer any questions that you may have about your new windows and remain available if you have any questions after installation.

If you’re ready to take your Kansas City home to the next level, consider these four window styles – and be sure to get in touch with a qualified window installation company to help you get the most out of your beautiful new outlook.