When building properties, arranging public spaces, or constructing roads and pathways, many details are being taken into consideration to make all of these things look welcoming, safe, and easily accessible. One element that plays a huge role in the construction process is bollards.

In general, bollards can be defined as short posts made of strong materials and are used as obstructions in traffic-prone areas to prevent ram raiding or accidents of any kind. There are various types of bollards, all of which serve a different purpose.

If you want to find out more about bollard posts, keep reading to learn about the main types and their common uses in various areas.

Photo by Sonya Livshits from Pexels

Main uses of bollard posts

Generally speaking, the main purpose of safety bollard posts is to establish a perimeter, both visual and protective, and keep pedestrians and motorists safe from potential harm. They have multiple uses which include:

  • Easing traffic
  • Illuminating darkened spaces
  • Allowing periodical traffic controls measures
  • Improving the safety of drivers in racing events
  • Facilitating parking protection

In addition, there are some types of bollards that are designed to absorb the impact of errant vehicles as well as to keep all drivers and pedestrians safe from any accidents or injuries when on the road.

Also, bollard posts are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are made from strong and durable materials such as metal, plastic, stone, and cement.

Types of bollard posts

Bollards come in various types. They can be embedded, collapsible, flexible, removable, or with lights, all of which serve specific purposes. Here is a brief description of some common types of bollard posts.

Removable and retractable bollards

The removal bollards can be used to control access to areas, including private property and public spaces like government buildings, construction sites, and car parks that are prone to unauthorized parking.

Automatic retractable bollards can also be used to control pedestrian access for authorized and emergency vehicles. They can additionally prevent unauthorized parking and allow site entrances.

Construction bollards

As the name suggests, these bollards can be found in construction areas and on roads. A construction bollard’s main function is to protect the area and workers from external accidents by redirecting traffic or preventing it from entering. The bollard is made from flexible, brightly colored plastic and has reflective tape around it. It acts as a visual deterrent.

Security and car park bollards

Security bollards serve a similar purpose as the construction bollard. They are designed to protect pedestrians and assets from low-speed collisions. The only difference is in the construction of the bollard.

For example, security and car park bollards made almost entirely of steel are filled with concrete and are usually decorated. Depending on where it is located, its impact resistance is determined by how it is fixated to the ground.

Hostile vehicle mitigation bollards (HMV)

HVM bollards offer the best protection for high-value assets as well as people. They are highly recommended for sensitive or high-value areas. They offer the best protection against vehicle-based attacks and out-of-control vehicles. This makes them ideal for large areas such as outdoor markets or religious congregations. They are also the best security barrier for high-value assets like embassies and government buildings, as well as airports.

Bicycle parking bollards

Bicycle parking bollards provide a secure hitching point where cyclists can safely park and lock their bicycles. They typically have a post-and-arm shape that can hold two bikes.

Guardrails/ end terminal bollards

End terminal bollards and guardrails are designed to absorb impact and protect motorists in case of collision. Guardrails act as a deterrent and preventive measure. They are non-gating and not-redirective deterrents and help to ‘capture’ any errant vehicles. Guardrails are especially useful in tight spaces such as bridges, corners, and roundabouts.

Photo by Robert So from Pexels

Final thoughts

While you may not recognize the bollard posts on the road, you should know that their importance cannot be overlooked. These posts can be used just about anywhere, increasing the safety of the road and protecting drivers and pedestrians from unpleasant events or injuries. They come in many types and designs, all of which serve different purposes.

If you want to know more about them, refer to our guide and learn about the primary uses of bollard posts.