Building a shed or any storage space depends on the quality of the shipping container you purchase. Buying shipping containers in the US can be challenging. You need to find the right one and compare prices. Also because the price changes throughout the year, you may have trouble finding one that fits your budget.

There are also different types of containers, for different needs according to Pelicancontainers. That is why you should consider your needs when looking for shipping containers for sale in the US. A shipping container is not something that people buy regularly. Most of the time, it is large companies that purchase shipping containers. So there is no proper guide for anyone else who wants to buy a container. If you are wondering how to go about it, here is a quick guide, let’s check it out.

1. Search for local companies and services

So you decided to buy a shipping container and you probably did some research on the topic. As it is usually a modular container for transporting goods across the ocean or the cities, the containers are strong and able to withstand weight, salt and moisture. Shipping containers are not only a great way to transport stuff by boat, truck or train, they are also often used by individuals or companies as a warehouse. Recently, they became very popular as they are used as a building modular for houses, so architects and builders have upgraded them for use in homes, offices and even shops. Regardless of the reason you are looking for a new or used shipping container, it is a good idea to do research by yourself about standard containers and their properties.

When starting, first look within your area as your location near the sea or ocean will give you extra benefits. It may be cheaper to buy from a closer company. Apart from it being cheaper, a closer seller means you can easily get your container.

Another advantage of a local company is that it is feasible for you to inspect the container. So search on Google for shipping containers within your area. You can then go and check them out in person before making a decision. Local providers will ship your container faster than companies outside your town.

2. Consider renting one

When procuring a shipping container there are two options. The first is to buy a new one. The other option is to rent it. The choice you make depends on your needs. If you need storage space temporarily then renting one may be ideal. However, if you will use it for longer than 6 months then buying one is the best option.

When it comes to offers, most shipping container companies only offer to buy or rent options as opposed to both. There are a few companies that offer something better, rent-to-own. The payment is split over several years. Once you have completed the payment, the ownership of the shipping container is transferred to you.

3. Pick a used container

Shipping containers are graded according to their conditions. The condition includes the following:

  • Brand new which never been used before
  • Newish containers that have made a single trip
  • Refurbished containers that have been restored at least once to store stock for selling on the big basket.

Most containers made abroad have made at least one trip across the ocean. That is why there is no such thing as a brand new shipping container. New shipping containers are referred to as one-trip containers. These have made a few trips and are in very good condition.

Older ones may not be as good looking but can overcome the natural elements. The number of dents and scratches will depend on how many trips the container has made. One-trip containers are more expensive. The difference may be several hundred dollars. Again the use of the container can guide you as you choose between a new or old shipping container. If your project requires a container that is in pristine condition then a new one would be better.

4. Consider your needs

At the end of the day, the shipping container you pick depends on your needs. Consider if there are any special needs. If there are no special needs then the standard container will work. For cases where you need to quickly offload, a double-door container may be the best option. If you need to drive equipment to the container then you need one that is taller. A high cube container can work In such cases. Also, consider if you want a shipping container with electricity or a refrigerator.

Also, determine if you will need modifications in the future. Some companies can make special modifications such as:

  • adding windows,
  • additional doors,
  • adding air conditioning,
  • adding certain tools, etc.

You might also want to add a ventilation system or security to the container. Consider these needs before buying a container as not all companies may offer such modifications.

Before you finally buy a container, make sure you have researched the local requirements. Some areas have restrictions and others require a special permit before you can buy a container.

Shipping containers can be big, and take a lot of space. Therefore, you have to decide beforehand where you will place one and think of the surroundings and environment. Even as you are buying one, make sure you inspect the working mechanism to ensure everything is functional.

Final thoughts

With the right company, finding a shipping container doesn’t have to be a struggle. The first step toward buying a shipping container is understanding your needs. If you do not have any special needs then a standard container will do fine. However, if you need extra doors, electricity, or additional security, then get one that has room for modifications.

Also, consider whether you want something that is new or has been used several times. You can also pick one that is rent-to-own. Buying a used container may be cheaper. Also,o decide where you will purchase the container from. Local companies could offer cheaper rates and provide you with a discount. It is easier to inspect the container and have it delivered.