Have you ever imagined living in a world or having a life that has less work, less stress, peaceful, secured, and protected in which you can always feel safe and happy? If you do, then keep reading to know how you can quickly achieve these dreams. As time goes by, many things are changing, especially when our technology gets way more advanced than before, which has helped many people make their lives easier, more fun, and more comfortable.

However, since today’s generation’s living standards are getting higher, many people are suffering specifically from poverty, which has caused an increase in crime rates. However, you won’t need to worry because achieving this remarkable dream of yours is easy with the help of Swiftlane.

Swiftlane is a trustworthy and helpful company that can offer you security and protection; they have generated Virtual doormen video intercom using our modern technology, which makes the process more manageable and functional.

This security device allows you to monitor guests or visitors who wish to enter your home. Basically, this device will have a camera and audio that will enable you to hear the visitors’ intentions if you ask them while also seeing who they are.

Furthermore, this device is necessary and ideal for installing in your front doors, gate, or any other entrance in your homes, businesses, and other buildings that you want to keep safe and secure.

If you are curious about why video intercom systems are becoming a virtual doorman for many buildings, houses, and other restricted areas, here are three reasons.

1. Increase security

Video Intercom Installation is a great way to increase security in your home, company, or any other place you own because this security device can directly control all access points with the home’s intercom system. Improve guest management.

So basically, through this device, you can manage your guests and unwanted guests since you have the ability to see visitors that want to go inside your home through a Full HD wide field of view, which is very clear even though it is night. Plus, you can ask unexpected visitors their intentions without opening your doors since this device has audio.

You will not have to worry about disturbing noises like echo, the choppiness of voice, and much more, which can help you have an apparent and effective conversation or interrogation with them.

2. Simple installation

Installing the Virtual Doorman video intercom is very easy because you are not required to make significant changes in your home or upgrades. All you have to do is look for an area or location that fits the best to capture most of the site you need to monitor.

But other people usually put it in the upper part of their doors or on the side of their doors. To make the work much more effortless and for you to have less work, you can call for a residential locksmith or any other professional that knows how to install this device. This is also an excellent idea so the device can function properly and avoid problems like damage.

3. Easy access

This security device is very easy to access because all you need is any gadget, and it could be a cellular phone, a tablet, a smartwatch, and many more devices that can connect to the internet. Through a device with an internet connection, you can still monitor your home, even if you are far away.

Plus, if an unexpected visitor has visited your home, you can still converse with them using this security device. If the guest is one of your family members, you can just quickly inform them with the use of this device that you are not at home.

In general, even if you are far away, you can still check on and secure your home from criminals by using digital gadgets that can connect to wifi.


Installing the Virtual doormen video intercom in your home or company is very beneficial since it has many advantages, including increased security, simple installation, easy access, and much more. That explains why many other people often use video intercom systems; becoming a virtual doorman for many buildings can help you have a safe, protected, and comfortable life.