No matter how big or small your home is, there are certain tools that every homeowner needs to have on hand. From fixing a leaky faucet to hanging a picture frame, having the right tools can make all the difference. But if you’re new to homeownership and have only lived in an apartment where a repairman was only a quick call or e-mail away, you might not be sure where to start with your tool collection. Here are the essential tools every home needs when stocking a toolbox unless you can reset everything like the thermostat.

A Magnetic Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set is a must-have for any homeowner, but large sets of screwdrivers in every size and head shape can be bulky and expensive. This is where magnetic screwdrivers shine.

These screwdriver sets typically come with one handle and several sets of interchangeable heads that click into place magnetically, making them perfect for most DIY projects. This makes it easy to keep a compact set on hand for every possible screw in your home. In addition, the handle is often ergonomic and can be used with one hand, making it perfect for those tight spots.

Hammers and Rubber Mallets

You might not need a hammer every day, but when you need one, you really need one. Hammers are perfect for pounding nails into wood, and can also be used to pry things apart. If you have any furniture that needs to be assembled, a hammer will come in handy.

A rubber mallet is another great option to have on hand, as it is perfect for striking objects without damaging them, making them useful for assembling delicate furniture or parts, as they create a gentler impact than a standard hammer.

A Level

Whether it’s something that needs to be hung on the wall or a countertop or cabinet that needs to be installed, you will undoubtedly need a level at some point. Not only is it great for making sure the object being hung like neon lights or installed is straight, but it can also help make sure your walls are even, which is essential for a polished look.

An Electric Drill

A drill is another one of those tools that you might not need often, but when you do, it’s essential. Drills are perfect for making holes in walls for hanging pictures or shelves, as well as for larger projects like building a deck. A good quality drill will make the job much easier and will last for years to come. In addition, they can be used as a screwdriver or a wrench, making it much more versatile than you might think.

A Set of Pliers

A set of pliers is one of those tools that you might not even consider owning until you need it. Whether you’re trying to loosen or tighten a stubborn screw or bolt, or you need to grip something tightly and securely, a good set of pliers will come in handy. In addition, pliers can be used to cut wire, which makes them incredibly versatile. Plus, there is a variety of different types of pliers, such as:

  • Slip joint pliers
  • Tongue and groove pliers
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Locking pliers
  • Wire strippers
  • Linesman pliers
  • Fencing pliers
  • Cutting pliers

Having a few of these in your toolbox is sure to pay off down the line when you need them.

A Quality Ladder

No matter how tall you may be, everyone needs a ladder at some point. Whether it’s for climbing up to change a lightbulb or cleaning leaves out of the gutters, a ladder is an essential tool for any homeowner. When selecting a ladder, be sure to choose one that is the right height and weight capacity for your needs, as well as one that is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Alternatively, you could have one larger ladder for outdoors and a smaller step ladder for indoor use if you don’t foresee yourself needing to reach especially high when inside your home.

A Flashlight

If you’re working underneath something or in a dark corner of your home, you will be glad to have a flashlight. Not only can they be used to help you see when the lights go out or if a bulb is burned out, but many models are equipped with LED lights that last for years and make great task lighting on dark nights.

In addition, flashlights are essential when the power goes out. While cell phone flashlights are nice in a pinch, they aren’t a substitute for a dedicated flashlight. Be sure to keep a few stored in strategic locations around your home so you’re never caught in the dark.

A Putty Knife and Spackle

Spackle and a putty knife might not be the most obvious things to put in a toolbox, but if you ever need to patch a hole in your wall, you will be glad to have them. A putty knife is used to apply spackle, which is a material that fills in holes and cracks in walls. Spackle is sandable and paintable once it dries, making it a great option to repair small holes in walls that you might not even notice until after you paint.

Fill Your Toolbox With the Best Tools

With these essential tools, you will be able to tackle a wide array of household tasks and repairs easily and efficiently. So, the next time you have an important task or project on your hands, don’t hesitate to use one of these essential tools to get the job done right.