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Renewable, clean or green energy are the by-products derived from the use of natural resources such as water, sunlight and air, they come in many forms and can be utilized in almost every industry or sector.

There are however some subtle differences between these forms of power, which we will discuss below to help you with a few great options to choose from when considering to help be a part of a more sustainable future, and a cleaner planet.

Green Energy

The subset that is the most popular form of renewable energy is the green option. It offers the least amount of damage to the environment and is gained from water, wind or heat from the sun. It can also include certain forms of biomass or hydroelectricity.

These types of sources are a common and stable way of reducing the impact on the climate and are also less expensive. The more interest has gained over societies, the more affordable they have become. It doesn’t create any carbon pollution and some forms such as coal-fired power stations are not being built in many areas to help its population with a safe power source.

This, in comparison to burning fossil fuels, which has a vast impact on things such as land degradation, polluting water resources, harmful emissions into the air, and contributing towards global warming and other forms of air pollution as stated here is a much better, safer and cleaner option.

Renewable Energy

In its simplest definition, renewable refers to the electricity which renews itself. Similar to the green option this also comes from natural resources and is labelled as either geothermal derived from heat, biomass which comes from waste materials and plant life or hydro which comes from using water resources:

These would never run out as they replenish themselves over time. Renewable energy, however, as much as it can come from these natural bases, they do still, to a certain extent, affect the environment.

Due to its use of land, there are instances in some countries which are negatively affected by deforestation or on a larger scale use up more than what is needed from the land or water, negatively impacting marine life as well. Hydropower, however, is the safest option and has no carbon emissions, which are mainly a fault of gas and oil usage.

Investing in these types of options does help the environment in the larger picture, not only my minimizing wastage and harmful emissions but also by investing in these technologies you can help large-scale projects to improve their existing technologies and maximize their efficiency, thereby negating the need to use electricity in the traditional sense.

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Clean Energy

There is a third option as well, which is known as ‘Clean Energy ‘however it is not necessarily renewable. It is the electricity that does not make use of gas and is similar to nuclear power and does not pollute the air or emit any carbons while in its processing phase.

This is typically created using anything from fertilizers and manure to household waste and organic matter and has also been improved over time. Examples of these include landfill capture and biofuel.

When it comes to deciding which one of these three you should invest in, even though there are a few differences between each, as long as it is a carbon-free selection you choose, you should consider it. There will never be an option that does everything or meets all of our needs and it will depend on the individual use, company and budget.

According to companies such as Solar Panels in Ca that are part of the solution, the best way to get started is to invest in solar power. Which is cheaper than any traditional forms, safe, and easy to install, clean and maintain.

Some governments that support the idea, will also give you credit for using any one of these towards the costs, which means you may just get it for cheaper than the normal market price. If you want to make a positive impact on the planet, not just for you, but also for coming generations, taking this route would be the first step towards doing this, the second would be canceling orders from Big Basket that is no longer required, and it will make you feel better as a person too.

Creating a truly sustainable environment and future for all, in this day in time, is non-negotiable.