Do-it-yourself fever took over with a vengeance amid a global pandemic. While independence and creativity go a long way, competing with knowledge and experience is still difficult. You have to consider everything needed to complete your project, the timeline projected for the completion, the materials & permits required, and the necessary technical experience for the entirety of the work. While it can be exciting to dive into something new, you may get in over your head and far over your experience level.

People will typically assess a remodel or more minor renovations by the room size they hope to transform. A bathroom may seem more manageable than a complete kitchen remodel, but you have all the same elements – gas, plumbing, and electric – which require a high level of expertise. A Bay Area bathroom renovation may seem doable, but there is certainly another way to make everything a bit easier and more efficient with the help of a professional remodeling company. Doing it yourself versus reaching out for the helping hand of a California remodeling contractor makes a significant difference. You must consider everything that goes into your remodel or renovation before deciding to brave it yourself.

Planning & Preparation

Aesthetics are not the only part of remodeling – design and making changes are a piece of the puzzle, but a lot more goes into it than what meets the common perception. This kind of transformation is meant to allow homeowners to create something beautiful they can love and cherish. Still, it is also about function, and proper planning is necessary to achieve everything.

This is genuinely the easiest to do when an entire team is behind you. With local remodeling businesses, you have the luxury of knowing no essential steps will be missed. You will be provided an initial consultation and estimate for the project and receive a project manager to oversee every aspect of the renovations; there is a planning and design phase, a demo if applicable, the proper permits are retrieved, and then the building and remodeling commence. This is followed up by a thorough review of the transformation, cleaning, and any final changes that need to be procured.


Setting a reasonable budget is one thing, but sticking to that budget is another story entirely. When you are attempting a bathroom remodel on your own – you should have a budget in mind that is realistic with the scale of your project and your own pocketbook. Managing and overseeing this budget has to be done every step of the way to ensure you are not constantly pushing the limit of the parameters you set initially.

A minor renovation can seem like something that will be simple to oversee, but it can rapidly spin out of control as the budget is pushed to its limits. Working with a constant or design firm gives you a lot of cushions to fall back on. Your project manager is meant to oversee the budget and ensure everything is on track throughout the project. You also benefit greatly from working with experts who know how to save money or materials, labor, and decor. Leave it to the professionals to help save you money and stay on track regarding your bathroom remodeling budget.


Smaller renovations may not always require permits, but most home improvement projects do. Acquiring the necessary licenses depends on which county in California you live in and completing the work. Permits are in place to protect homeowners, and they are meant to ensure set standards are met before proceeding with changes and construction.

This goes hand in hand with licensing and insurance – if you are hoping to attempt a DIY bathroom renovation, chances are, you are not a licensed professional, nor have you set insurance in place as a blanket of protection for your home and yourself. Remodeling companies can help you get the necessary permits and go through all the required procedures to procure those permits – this way, you don’t have to deal with the typical bureaucratic practices and logistics. You also can fall back on a licensed expert whose work is insured!

Design & Storage

Upgrading your bathroom will improve everyday use in terms of storage, practicality, and function. Remodeling and household renovations are chosen to modernize the space, personalize the room, and create a more comfortable environment for homeowners and a return on investment. Storage is a significant priority for homeowners in California as the bathroom is a place everyone has to access every day, multiple times a day.

Working with a dependable remodeling company guarantees a team of designers to plan organized and functional storage and overall design elements that complement your life. They will provide renderings of the design before getting started, and this bridges the gap between what the homeowner wants and what the experts can bring to the project. You can still get involved in the process and let your personality shine, but you have designers to fall back on when you get stuck during the execution of your plans.

Bring on the Professionals for Your Home Improvement Project

Bathroom renovations are meant to bring joy to your life and provide upgrades and convenience to your entire household. Our bathrooms are typically the first place you are going to pay a visit in the morning and the last place you see before retiring to your bed for the evening. They should be a room that provides a sense of comfort, relaxation, and even tranquility. When you embark on a remodeling journey, your vision must be encompassed with the help of a licensed, local remodeling company.

Clever Design & Remodeling in San Jose, CA, services the Bay Area and beyond with elite renovations and remodeling services. Clever is a company that takes pride in its work, building, and design – as it is meant to increase the quality of its clients’ lives, and the increase in property value is also a bonus! If you are still considering a DIY bathroom remodel, it may be vital to reconsider and redirect, allowing the experts to redefine your home!