It seems almost predictable to start having issues with your AC whenever the warmer months come around. This may be simply because you have not needed to use the system too much but there may also be other issues that would call for AC maintenance services. Your AC system may be making unusual noises, providing you with a weak airflow, or emitting strange noises and unpleasant odors. Let’s see when it would be time to have a professional AC technician come and check out your equipment.

Warm Air Coming Out

You may give your AC a couple of minutes before it starts delivering cool air the first time you turn it on. However, if after this short period, there is still warm air coming out, there may be something wrong. Start by checking out the thermostat and making sure the setting is correct. Move the temperature down a couple of degrees and see what happens. If there is still a lack of cool air, you may be dealing with an issue with the compressor. Call an AC technician to have a look.

Frequent Cycling

There is a set routine that your AC follows and it is expected that when the air is hotter, the system will turn on more frequently. Yet, if your unit seems to be turning on and off much more frequently, there may be something wrong and you may need a tune-up or overall maintenance.

Insufficient Airflow

When the amount of air coming out is not enough to cool the room, your unit may signal to you that there is a problem with the ducts. They may be clogged or the air filters may have to be replaced. Change the filter and see if this fixes the problem. If it does not, call your AC technician to come and have a look at the ducts.

Excessive Humidity

You can expect humidity when you are outdoors but when the air inside is also humid, your system may require recalibration. This will ensure that it can handle the indoor humidity and give you the fresh air you expect.


If the refrigerant liquid is seeping out of the unit or you can see water pooling around your AC, there is no time to waste. Have your technician stop by to diagnose the problem.

Unpleasant Smell

You are used to the way the air smells in your home. When that changes and the unit is pouring out an unpleasant smell, it may be a sign that mold or bacteria is growing within your equipment or in the ducts. Get it fixed right away because it is not healthy for you or your loved ones to be constantly exposed to this contaminated air.

Weird Noises

There is always some noise associated with an AC system when it works properly. When the noise level is too high or does not sound familiar, there may be loose components or broken parts in your AC. Have this checked out right away.