Poli has been one of the top-rated online debit payment methods in Melbourne, Australia since 2006 and is formerly known as Centricom. It also caters to consumers in New Zealand where they can purchase goods and do online transactions like services and entertainment. It is getting popular in different fields and other countries because it is a better alternative to banking cards and digital wallets because the customers get the chance to receive notifications of real and easy account transfers which take 60 seconds or on the spot. Let’s learn more about Poli payment.

Online Casino using Poli Payment

One of the best things about Poli payment is it is also available in online casinos and is free to use. The reason why it is popular is that it offers instant banking and it connects your internet bank to the casino account.

The Poli bank payment as mentioned does not have fees nor hidden fees and the player doesn’t have to open an account or enter personal details; it can also connect to a Bitcoin Australia cryptocurrency account. It does not also store or cache important information which ensures a safe and secure way to deposit money online, it is as safe as using Piratebay or gogoanime.

Banks in New Zealand accept Poli Payment

Only this year 2022 when the punters from New Zealand accept Poli payment and major banks in the country under Merco Limited work with NZ banks:

· WestPac


· TSB Bank


· KiwiBank

· Bank Direct


How to use Poli in an online casino

1. Select Poli as the payment method

2. Choose your bank (affiliated with Poli) to confirm your payment

3. Key in your decided deposit amount.

4. Confirm your payment and you can start betting.

Other information about Poli casino:

· There are ten online casinos that accept Poli payment in New Zealand.

· Poli has no withdrawal option because it is a bank transfer provider hence it needs to be transferred manually to your bank account.

· Poli does not require fees but it is best to check the casino site you are into because some will ask for a minimum of NZ$10 if using Poli payment.

· A proof of purchase is given to the player after making the deposit.

Games that players can easily play using Poli

One of the best things about this account is the player can automatically play the selected casino games.

– Online slots

– Scratch cards

– Video Poker

– Table games

– Pokies

– Table games

– Live dealer games

Other payment options compatible with Poli

The payment method plays an important role in the online casino because it is the player and the casino site’s way of transacting the deposit and the withdrawal of the payment. Now, virtual players came from all over the world which means that the site needs to be flexible in this area to accommodate them.

Some players might be comfortable with the conventional banking method like Debit/Credit card but some might not. Others may prefer E-wallets like Paypal or Neteller, an open banking method like Trustly, or Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Altcoins.

Safety of Poli online casino

Since the online casinos deal with money day in and day out, it cannot be avoided that they can be a target of cyber thieves and scammers. Players have to be assured that this payment option is safe because it is operated by proxy to confirm a completed transaction. Poli is using HTTPS transport level security and the SSL or the Secure Sockets Layer which encrypts the data and other important information including monetary matters between the site operator and the player. In Australia, they hold a special certification with a special number and this certification signifies that Poli is audited by independent management therefore it has met the audit requirements needed.

Final Insight:

The payment method is essential to the players because it is where trust is built. Poli payment is very much secure, safe, and convenient to casino sites that offer this type of option.