which food delivery service is cheapest

Like every other domain, the food delivery business has seen tremendous growth in recent years.

With improvements in technology, food services have taken advantage of partnering with delivery services and expanding their orders. 

If we see how easy it has become to order food, we will be amazed by all the great things technology has done for us.

From simply scrolling using your phone, you can get your favorite meals in no matter of time, and you can also get an idea about Swiggy’s late delivery policy

While it is convenient for us to order food from the comfort of our homes, the charges can add up and make the food delivery costlier. So you must know where you can save the most of your money as you savor your comfort meals.

With this, let us start this blog that covers the cheapest food delivery services for you!

Food Delivery Services: Factors to Consider

Food Delivery Services Factors to Consider

The market of food delivery services has tough competition. Here are some of the factors that you must consider before choosing the right and cheapest food delivery service. 

Check out the efficiency of the food delivery services in terms of delivery. You sure don’t want to wait so long that you make a meal for yourself, right? Reviews can be useful for determining if the services are efficient or not in terms of delivery time. 

Every food delivery service will have additional costs. Some of the service fees that we often pay are delivery charges, service charges, and minimum-value orders. The food listings, too, can vary with different food delivery services. So before you pick a food delivery service, make sure you have evaluated an estimate of total costs for the best options. 

Packaging may not sound as important as other factors like delivery time and additional costs, but let us tell you that it is equally important as well. You will not like it if the food you deliver has bad packaging. An intact packaging makes the food more appealing and lets us not forget about the hygiene involved with improper packaging. 

Customer service is another important aspect that determines the performance of a food delivery service. Imagine having a great deal at prices, the fastest delivery, and well-packaged food delivery, but what if you want to share a review or have a complaint about your order? You know it isn’t good if the services have no customer service. 

With this, let us see what the cheapest options for food delivery services are. 

1. DoorDash


Doordash is a popular choice food delivery service that a lot of people find inexpensive. The overall fees for an order will depend on the total order value of your order. The service fee for this food delivery service starts at 0.6 USD. It can vary depending on your order subtotal.

How much delivery fee you have to pay for DoorDash will depend on your location, merchant, or demands. For paid membership (DoorDash paas), the delivery charges are free of cost. An additional fee you might sometimes have to pay is the small order fee if your order is below a certain amount. 

2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats

For most food delivery services, the price is the same for similar features. With a market share of approximately 22% in the USA, Uber Eats is another popular food delivery service that is pretty much affordable. The charges you will have to pay are delivery fees (to the restaurant) and a few charges under taxes and other fees.

The delivery fee for Uber Eats is in the range of $0 – $8. Uber Eats has no disclosure of how the delivery fee is calculated. So apart from the charges for your food, the total costs will involve taxes, delivery fees, service fees, and a tip, which is conditional. For orders in the price range of $25-30, Uber Eats is the most affordable delivery service. 

3. GrubHub


If you want to order your meal for around $50, GrubHub is the cheapest food delivery service. Even for orders that fall in the range of $25-30, the prices are almost similar to Uber Eats (there’s only a few dollars difference). With accessible discounts and promotions, you can further cut costs and make your orders relatively cheaper.

A delivery fee, service fee (10%), and small order fee ($2) are some of the charges that will add to your total order costs. With a premium plan, GrubHub offers free deliveries on orders above $12. 

While these are popular food delivery services, there are a few others that can offer great deals and services as well. Here are some of the food delivery services that you can choose from. 

1. Seamless


With Seamless, the processes are made easier, allowing you to have an effortless experience with your experience of ordering food. With optimized workflows for this service, you get to save time with the least inefficiencies. 

2. GoldBelly


With approximately 1 million satisfied customers, this food delivery service is best if you are seeking to deliver gourmet foods. One unique service offered by GoldBelly is that if your local area does not have an item, it will deliver it to you within a time span of 3 to 4 days. 

3. PostMates


You get to save a lot with the hot deal of PostMates. One such great deal that PostMates offers is that new customers have no delivery charges for the first seven days. 

Wrapping Up! 

Many businesses have flourished with the growth in technology, and one such domain is food delivery services.

The convenience of getting food from the comfort of our homes is amazing.

For choosing the right food delivery service for yourself, there are a lot of important factors, like total costs, delivery time, packaging, and customer service. 

DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub are some of the popular choices regarding affordable food delivery services.

Each service will slightly differ in overall costs, including delivery charges, convenience fees, or service charges. 

Let us know in the comments which food delivery service you use to combat your food cravings!