Do your blinds or shades let in light from the sides ? In the window covering world we call these light gaps. These gaps exist because blinds and folds can be made to fit perfectly, tied to the sides of the windows. How can we create a subdued environment giving these challenges ?

By using light blocking strips

Light blocking strips are available on most window roller shades and can be ordered at the same time during the configuration process. Given that roller shades naturally have large gaps to the side of the fabric, these light blocking strips are the perfect solution for maximum light control. Light blockers are an l shaped piece of plastic that goes in front of or behind your treatments to block the part of the window sliding that is not covered.

It can be installed by just peeling the sticky backing and tick to the side of your window. These light blockers will help to trap sunlight during the day creating a subdued environment in the house, limiting the amount of light intensity that enters the house during the day.

Choose an outside mount

Another way to limit light gaps is to order your blinds or shades as outside mount, this means that the window treatment mount outside on the wall above the window frame. When ordering for an outside mount, I will order 4 to 6 inches for complete coverage.

This allows the shades to overlap the window and eliminates the light gaps there by limiting the amount of light entering the house creating a dimmed environment in the internal atmosphere of the house, also reducing the degree of heat intensity in the house. This also makes the light that enters the house not to be harsh.

Layer window treatment

Another way to reduce lighting in the house and get ultimate black out is to use layer window treatment. Hanging drapery panels to each side of your window helps cover the light gaps as well as elevate your look. You can also combine draperies with a black-out to watch torrent downloads. These treatments provide privacy for spaces like bathrooms, front facing rooms, as well as dramatically controlling the incoming light.

Black out window roller shades trap lights and caused a complete subdued environment, and you can control the quantity of light coming in the house, black out roller shades are the best when it comes to reducing lightning and increasing privacy in the house and why not office. Paying attention to these methods listed above will help you to easily regulate lightning in your house by creating a subdued environment for privacy.