Living a healthy lifestyle is the foundation of everything they do, from eating nutritious food, regular physical exercise, and getting plenty of sleep. Additionally, many people make their homes as healthy as possible through whole-house water filters and air purifiers and doing daily tasks to keep their homes clean. What you choose to clean your home with can also significantly impact your health.

Over the last few years, we’ve learned more about the potential health hazards of traditional cleaning products, air fresheners, and even mattresses. One of the healthiest ways to clean your home is with plant-based cleaning products, and there are some areas where it’s easier to opt for more natural products. To make your home healthier, keep reading for areas to opt for plant-based cleaning and start reaping the benefits today.

Air Fresheners

One of the biggest offenders when it comes to your and your family’s health inside the home, traditional air fresheners, whether aerosol sprays or plug-ins, can have some damaging side effects. From immediate issues like sneezing or respiratory trouble to endocrine disruption with prolonged use, it’s best to opt for healthier alternatives. Swap your old ways for essential oil diffusers, beeswax candles, or incense. If you have a cat at home, research essential oils that are safe to use around them, as some can cause issues.

All-Purpose Cleaners

It can be tempting to try the various all-purpose cleaners you see in the aisles of grocery and big box retailers for the wonderful scents or the claims to be the best on the market. In reality, many of these cleaners won’t do the job half as well as an easy DIY that will provide consistent results. For a more affordable, not to mention a much healthier all-purpose cleaner, combine the following in a glass bottle. One cup distilled water, 1 cup white vinegar, and 15 drops of your favorite essential oil, that’s it! This mixture will clean various surfaces and won’t irritate you or your family.

Glass Cleaners

When you’ve decided to start cleaning with plant-based cleaning supplies, one area that seems like you could never swap is your Windex. Glass and mirrors can show streaks, spots, and smudges much easier than other surface types in your home, so it’s natural you want the most effective cleansers available to get the job done. Thankfully, there are excellent plant-based alternatives for cleaning glass. Most are alcohol or vinegar-based, so you can clean windows and mirrors until the cows come home without irritating your skin or respiratory tract.

Oven Cleaners

Many will answer their oven if you ask most homeowners what their least favorite and least completed cleaning task is. Some can’t even remember the last time they cleaned their oven, or they hire cleaning services to do this exact job! On top of ovens being difficult to clean, the products are relatively toxic, and the instructions can be time-consuming. Plant-based cleaning products for the oven are safe and do a great job cutting through the baked-on grime. Look for baking soda products, or make your own with castile soap and baking soda.

Dish Soaps

If you don’t have a dishwasher, you likely spend a small fortune and a lot of time figuring out which dish soap doesn’t irritate your hands while washing but also gets food and grime off your dishware. It’s true that some irritation comes from wet hands and dry skin after dishwashing, but for many, it’s also the ingredients in their traditional dish soap. Plenty of gentle and toxin-free plant-based dish soaps on the market will keep your hands healthy and your dishes clean. You can also make your own with a castile soap base.

Swapping out conventional products for healthier alternatives is one of the best decisions you can make in your home. Not only is it better for the physical health of you and your family, but it’s also healthier for the environment. You can seriously impact future generations by making small changes, like what you choose to clean with. If you go the route of DIY for your cleaning products, you can also save some serious cash. Here’s to your (and your home’s) health!