Sleeping is one of the most important things we do everyday. Right along with eating and drinking plenty of water, sleep is the key to maintaining health over long periods of time. Unfortunately, the apparatus on which we catch our various Z’s don’t always hold up to or withstand the test of time or regular use. Everything we use in our daily lives wears out eventually. Mattresses are no exception. Right next to making sure you have car insurance while you’re driving, ensuring you have a comfortable mattress is crucial to improving your sleeping with resetting thermostat. Organic and natural mattresses offer a lot more than traditional mattresses when it comes to sleep, comfort, and construction. Whether you’ve been considering jumping on the organic mattress bandwagon for a while or are just now looking into the prospect, hopefully our guide on how to buy an organic mattress will help you make the right decision.

Know The Dangers of a Standard


At the expense of sounding like one of those old fear mongering films you used to watch in high school home rooms, it’s imperative to know the dangers of a standard mattress. Did you know that regular mattresses, and the materials they are constructed from, actually contain potentially dangerous compounds? Some mattresses contain such diverse chemicals as benzene, formaldehyde, VOCs, and flame retardants. As a mattress or piece of furniture containing these compounds sits in a room, it undergoes a chemical process known as off-gassing. No, off-gassing isn’t what happens when you eat too much chili! It’s actually the process by which gas from certain compounds releases as the item is exposed to the air. Since mattresses are often made or filled with polyurethane, they will contain Isocyanates, which are (you guessed it) pretty dangerous. It’s part of the reason why some mattresses and pillows might make your allergies worse or cause some skin irritation. Isocyanates are known carcinogens. Why deal with potential carcinogens in the place where you sleep when a natural mattress solves that problem for you?

Make Sure It’s GOTS-Certified

When you’re on the hunt for an eco-friendly product, there are a lot of variables and terms to know. One of them is GOTS certification. The GOTS—the Global Organic Textile Standard—governs what’s considered organic or not (at least in the world of textiles, anyway). In order for certain materials such as cotton to be considered organic, they must pass the gots criteria for an organic compound. If they don’t pass the test, then they really aren’t organic, may not be natural, and might contain some of those dangerous additives we mentioned above.

Check Out The Materials

The material from which a mattress is constructed matters a great deal. Since you’ll be sleeping on this material for quite some time to come, it’s vital to ensure you’re acquiring something that’s going to be comfortable. So what materials can you expect from an organic mattress? There’s wool, GOTS-certified cotton, organic latex foam, and support coils (not springs). There also aren’t any dangerous flame retardants to be found. One of the cooler perks of organic mattresses is the fact that vegan options are available. Wait. Hold on a minute. Did we really say vegan mattresses? What’s that? Well, a vegan mattress is merely a type of mattress constructed from materials that are not derived from animal products. So, there won’t be any wool in that particular mattress at all. Instead, it will likely be made from latex which is a tree product, kapok, or some other fill material.

Choose The Mattress Size

Like most furniture, you’ll need to select the mattress type and style to fit your body type/sleep habits. Mattress sizes range from kids to king size. Twin size mattresses are smaller and ideal for a single sleeper. Full mattresses can usually accommodate two people and are about twice the size of a twin. Queen sizes and King sizes go much higher, with the average king mattress 76 x 80″ in size. That’s a big mattress. Catering to your mattress needs, there is sure to be a natural one available in your ideal size. Also decide if you want a pillow top or a standard mattress, which you can decide based on whether you’re a back or side sleeper. Getting the sizes and accessories right is the first step in enjoying a wonderful night’s sleep.

Find A Reputable Retailer

Making a large purchase is never something to take lightly like buying food online. Whether it’s a car, guitar, or mattress, finding a reputable retailer matters. One wouldn’t simply buy mattresses off a shady discount seller in a warehouse or at a flea market! For the best opportunity to find and purchase a high-rated natural mattress, a little bit of research is necessary. Some of the best companies, such as Avocado Mattress, specialize in creating sustainable furniture. Their mattresses are some of the only completely zero carbon footprint ones available making it a top tier brand for purchasing natural mattresses. Of course, getting the right mattresses is up to doing your own research and finding what works best for you, but this should provide you with a solid foundation on where to begin the journey.