You can do a lot of things in your home theater. You can watch movies, listen to music, play pool or cards—even enjoy drinks with friends.

Home theater installation that were once designed for one purpose—watching movies in private—are now being redesigned to accommodate other forms of entertainment.
Multipurpose theaters provide a fun, versatile space in your home where you can enjoy many activities. Keep reading to learn more!

Multipurpose spaces make a lot of sense when you’re designing an entertainment room, but this shouldn’t mean that we have to sacrifice comfort. A multi-use room can have all of the amenities and perks that one would expect in a high end home theater: big screen TV or projector system, surround sound, luxury seats or sofas ,and theater lighting. With one touch of a button, you can turn on all the entertainment options in your smart home.
With 4K UHD TVs featuring OLED technology, you can enjoy rich colors and breathtaking detail for a truly unforgettable viewing experience. Add to that home theater décor with a theme, and you’ll feel like you stepped into a luxury theater – but it’s right in your own house!

A movie does not become more enjoyable when the sound is poor; for a film to be an immersive experience, good surround-sound speakers are essential. With a single tap on your smartphone or tablet, you can fill the room with music and videos.
The “3D sound experience” that comes from surround-sound speaker systems doesn’t stop with a standard configuration of four pieces: a center speaker, two front speakers, and two side speakers—you can add more components if you want. Some systems have a lot more than that! For instance, 11.1.2 setup means the system has 11 speakers, one subwoofer—which creates rich bass and fills large spaces with immersive sound—and two overhead speakers (for crystal clear dialogue), which together immerse you in music like never before.

A home theater can be a multipurpose room, rather than dedicated entirely to watching movies. If you don’t feel like watching a film one night, just raise the shades and turn on some music—there are better ways to spend your time together with family or friends! If you’re planning to install a home theater, why not plan for extra space behind your seats? A billiard table, foosball table or golf simulator will give you more options. And if renovations include installing a wet bar—even better!

One more thing to consider is that all of your home theater technologies can be hidden when they’re not in use. In-wall speakers, for example, come with matching grille colors so as not to stand out on the wall or are concealed within a custom cutout area of the drywall itself.

TVs can be made to rise up into the ceiling, become a mirror or decorative artwork, or disappear within furniture. Instead of thinking of your home theater as a standalone project, turn it into something more multi-functional by finding an experienced firm that can help you choose the right equipment for your unique needs.