Most of us want our home to stand the test of time with as few repairs as possible along the way. The gutters are often overlooked, however, if they are not cleaned out often, they can cause significant damage to your investment. Here is how getting your gutters cleaned can save you money in the long run.

Unkempt gutters can cause an array of issues including:

Structural issues

Structural issues are the last thing you want your home to have. If there are structural problems, this means the foundation of your home is compromised. This can happen when your gutters are choked up with leaf litter and the rainwater has nowhere to go or when there are leaks that have not been seen. Water will overflow out of your gutters rather than out through the downpipe and away from the home. Excessive moisture on the walls and around the foundation of your property can cause major damage such as cracks in your slab and bowing timber. Controlling the temperature through thermostats will not be able to stop the moisture. This not only promotes mould growth and makes your home unsafe, but the repair costs can be significant.

Unwelcome house guests

Clogged gutters make the perfect nests for rodents to make themselves at home in. If your gutters are filled with water, this is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. No one wants these pests to invade their home, so don’t make it inviting for them by avoiding the regular upkeep of your gutters.

Ruined landscape

If you have landscaping around your home or even grass, you can expect it to get ruined if you have blocked gutters as the water has nowhere to go, it will spill over the sides of your gutters and on to whatever is below it. If there have been constant, heavy downpours, the excessive water in your gutters can cause areas of flooding.

Fire risk

When your gutters are backed up with leaf litter, this makes your home vulnerable if a bushfire or a house fire is nearby. Embers fly a long distance in the wind, and landing in dry bunches of leaves is a recipe for disaster. This can see your house go up in flames in a matter of minutes. By having your gutters cleaned out regularly, you can lower your risk of this happening and protect your property.

How often should you get your gutters cleaned?

You should have your gutters cleaned every 12 months at a minimum. If your home is surrounded by large trees, maintenance should be done every six months as your gutters will accumulate leaves faster. A professional gutter cleaner should be able to give you an idea of how often you should be booking in a gutter clean.

Have your gutter cleaning scheduled

Twelve months goes fast, and it can sometimes be hard to recall which month you had your gutters cleaned last. By booking your cleans in advance, you don’t need to worry about remembering when they need to be done again, the company will simply contact you in the lead up to confirm your appointment and if you need to reschedule, you can do so when speaking to them. This avoids forgetting to get around to booking a service and your gutters clogging and sustaining damage.

Yes, getting your gutters cleaned costs money, but repairing your property can cost more

There is no denying that regular upkeep of your property is going to cost money, but it is a preventative measure to protect your home and keep it in good condition as the years go by. Having to budget in a routine gutter clean is far less expensive than having to fork out thousands of dollars on extensive property repairs.

Why you should get a professional gutter cleaner

Reputable gutter cleaners use the latest vacuum gutter technology and rather than pressure cleaning the leaves out and the mess going everywhere, they use a vacuum to suck up debris as they go, leaving you with clean gutters and a clean garden and home. There is no risk of leaves getting missed that may be hidden in the downpipes or in the more difficult to reach areas as the powerful suction collects it all.

What to look for in a gutter cleaning company

Choose a company that uses a vacuum over pressure cleaning for the benefits mentioned above.

Ensure they have insurance. When a company has insurance it not only protects their staff if they get injured but you also. If your property is damaged by the company while cleaning your gutters, you will be covered and not out of pocket for the repairs.

As mentioned, there are many benefits to cleaning your gutters out regularly and a little effort can go a long way. If it is not something you feel confident doing or you don’t want to risk sustaining an injury while climbing up on a ladder, it’s a good idea to hire a professional gutter cleaner to take care of it for you. They can complete the job in a fraction of the time and leave your home neat and tidy upon completion.

Our team here at Global Vac Gutter use state of the art vacuum technology to give your gutters the most superior clean. If you’d like more information, get in touch with our friendly team today.
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