According to data sourced from IBIS World, air purifier manufacturing is an industry worth about$3 billion in the United States. In 2015, the global air purifier market for residential homes totaled 5.97 million units, Statista opined.

The American Lung Association once made a shocking revelation, they stated that the average person will breathe about 3,400 gallon of air each day. It is terrifying therefore that most of the air present in densely populated areas is not good enough and that’s how people end up installing Honeywell thermostats.

It is pertinent that individuals strive to breathe in good and quality air as the quality of air one breathes will help in improving or degrading one’s health status. For those working in offices, you can keep yourself safe and in good health by getting an air purifier for the office.

Origin of air purifiers

The first air purifiers were made in the 16th century. It started with technologies that were built to purify the air a person breathed through the oral and nasal cavity. It was much like an early form of personal respirator, information from an online source stated.

In the 19th century, air purifiers became known, during this century, coal was the primary source of power generation, this led to an increase in air pollution from the byproduct of burning coal. Scientists had to come up with ways to purify the air for safety. From then, new inventions have been made on air purifiers.

One of the most important inventions made is the development of HEPA technologies in the 1940s. HEPA air purifiers help in reducing contaminants as little as four microns from the environment. With it, pollen, dust, vapor, and other foreign elements could be removed.

It is interesting to note that HEPA was an idea that originated from the 2nd world war. It was meant to protect soldiers and lab workers from radioactive matter derived from bombshells. Air purifiers are also the best indoor products. You should have an air purifier for your office. You can get an air purifier for the office here.

Places where air purifiers can be used

  • Air purifiers can be used in a banking hall. The numbers to be used is dependent on the size and capacity of the hall.
  • It can be used in churches.
  • Classrooms need air purifiers too. Students will find it easier to learn in an environment with clean and quality air.
  • They are used in bedrooms. It helps in improving one’s sleep pattern if the same is not disturbed because of watching shows online on Piratebay.
  • Air purifiers can also be installed in the sitting room and kitchen. It keeps the home comfortable and welcoming.
  • They can be used in companies and organizations.
  • It is recommended you get an air purifier for the office installed in your office.

Why do I need an air purifier in my office?

  1. It reduces the presence of bad air in your office.
  2. It accounts for mental wellness.
  3. It keeps one alert.
  4. It helps in boosting productivity.
  5. It refreshes stale air and reduces one’s chances of developing health issues caused by indoor pollutants.

Hurry, get an air purifier for the office now!