All online slot games offer a chance to win good cash prizes – play Leander slots today. There are a lot of winning chances since almost all online slot games come with bonus features, a distinct difference from the offline land-based slot machines. To reduce fraud cases, all wins are controlled by a highly regulated computer algorithm which undergoes regular checks and scrutiny.

Considering that many people only get to win just a little money from online casinos, this article weighs in on the possibility of winning big on online slots.

How Possible is it to Win Big?

Winning a considerable payout when playing online slots depends on several factors. Some people may wonder if using the entire paylines and wagering the highest bet available increases the chances. Yes, it may, but there are other elements involved.

Bonus Features Available

Depending on the type of bonus on a slot, your chances of winning significant online slots increases or decreases depending on the kind of bonus. You could land a small fortune running into millions of dollars. Jackpots offer a chance to win big unless it gets hacked like Vivint cameras.

Whether jackpot or another type, Triggering any bonus round depends on your luck and the computer algorithm.

Return to Player (RTP) value and Volatility

All online slots come with individual RTP values. The volatility also differs. Before you win a substantial amount when spinning the reels, there would be records of small, tiny amounts more times than you may count.

This feature is due to the slot’s volatility and RTP. While the higher the RTP, the higher the chances of getting a winning spin, the volatility depends on the value of the win.

A low/medium volatility slot usually means you could take home a sizable win amount. However, a low RTP means you will have to play for long before you can win.

The value of the RNG (random number generator), when combined with medium variance, offers more significant cash-out chances.

You could also consider the game’s mechanics, including paylines and bet size, as part of the factors. They may not be as important as the first two, though.

Top Online Slot winners

If you’re wondering how big an amount can be won when spinning, here are examples of amounts won by people who wagered at online slots.

Napoleon Casino Winner – $19,430,723.60

A player from Belgium who prefers to remain anonymous is one of the biggest winners of online slots and casino games generally. He won it after playing the popular slot title, Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah, from Microgaming.

The win came from the mega jackpot feature, spinning the wheel of fortune and winning the large amount with a wager of $15.

E.O – $20,069,287.27

Another Canadian player broke the records of the Belgian from the same slot, Mega Moolah. The casino player triggered the jackpot wheel and landed on the mega jackpot feature, winning over $20 million. For the sake of anonymity, the player is named E.O.