June 1st is officially the beginning of summer and most people are looking forward to great weather and long nights by the pool, but it’s important to remember to keep your homes up to date and comfortable.

That’s why this list has been put together for some of the best summer home upgrades for this year!

At least one of these will be perfect for you and your family to get in on. So take notes from this list and make this a summer where you don’t want to leave your house!

A Summer For Family

This summer will be special for most families, being the first summer break in two years where the pandemic feels a little more under control.

The fact that the health concerns are getting better is a good thing, but the pandemic has left a lot of people isolated. Plan to spend time with people you love this year and make up for the lost time.

Here are a few home upgrades you can do to make your home the welcoming place you want it to be.

Improve Your Garden

Being outside in the summer is a great way to enjoy the weather, but if you’re a gardener, there may be some things you can do to make your garden better.

Warm-season plants are a popular summertime purchase, but not everyone has the best green thumb.

However, some people have the perfect combination of gardening expertise and the right soil and light to make their plants thrive. If you’ve been putting it off this year, consider these home upgrades to get you started on a fun new hobby with some aesthetic lights and a coffee table.

Install A Pool

Taking a quick dip in cool water in warm weather is blissful. With this in mind, why not invest in a pool to add value and enjoyment to your home? You can even find a company like Neave Group Outdoor Solutions that specialize in both Neave pools and Neave lawncare to improve every aspect of your garden.

A pool can also be a great way to spend time with people you love during the hot summer days.

Outdoor Lighting

There’s nothing like a good bonfire during the summer, but it can be hard to keep the bugs away without a bug zapper.

Having good lighting around your home can make it much easier to enjoy time outside without being pestered every few minutes.

Outdoor lighting also makes for great security features if you want something more than just light for your yard!

Create A Communal Dining Area

Having friends and family over to your home can be a lot of fun, but it can be a hassle trying to serve everyone.

If you want your guests to enjoy their time, why not create a nice dining area where they can eat, talk and enjoy the day? This will make your backyard more habitable for everyone.

Tidy Up Your Entranceway and Clean Your Laundry Room

Have you been neglecting your front entrance? This small thing can make a big difference by making your home more welcoming!

Organize your coats and shoes, clean up the area, and make it more inviting.

Don’t forget to make your laundry room more presentable, too. The dryer is a great invention, but in the summertime, you’re more likely to want to dry clothing outdoors to save on energy and be more eco-friendly.

Consider putting up a laundry line or getting some good-quality clothes airers.