Owning a house continues to be a vital component of the American dream, and owners are constantly looking for methods to increase the comfort and value of their properties. It’s important to consider possibilities while upgrading a home that can raise its value and draw in clients.

Remodeling the bedroom, updating the kitchen and bathroom, and making a few other home improvements that will spice things up are some of the finest ways to increase value. Because not all buyers desire the same thing and since personal taste plays a significant role in the sale of properties, it can be difficult to renovate a home to increase its value.

The heart of the home, the bedroom, can be revived with one of the many home renovation projects, which could increase the property’s overall value. However, homeowners, real estate experts, and DIY enthusiasts are interested in how such renovations affect a home’s market value. Read along as this article discusses how much value a bedroom remodel adds to a property.

How Much Value Does a Bedroom Remodel Add?

The value added by a bedroom makeover to a rental property might vary dramatically depending on numerous factors. While it is difficult to determine an exact monetary amount, a bedroom makeover can improve rental income by 5% to 20% or more, depending on the conditions. Professional property management in Northern Virginia can handle your rental business operations after remodeling.

You should take the rental property’s location into account first. There are many differences across rental markets, and the demand for remodeled bedrooms may vary significantly from one place to another. An outstanding bedroom makeover can increase rental rates in locations with intense competition for rental properties and significant demand for better living spaces. However, the impact on rental value may be less pronounced in places where luxurious amenities less strongly influence the demand for rentals.

The layout and size of the bedroom are other vital considerations in calculating the value added by a makeover. Converting a smaller bedroom into a larger one, constructing a master suite, or adding an en-suite bathroom will all likely result in a significant rise in rental value. Such changes might attract tenants looking for more space and comfort, allowing homeowners to charge higher rents.

Furthermore, the quality and features of the renovation affect the rental value. High-quality materials, modern fixtures, and appealing design choices can increase the bedroom’s appeal to potential tenants. Built-in storage, energy-efficient windows, and better lighting can improve the space’s overall aesthetic and potentially justify a higher rental charge.

The general state of the rental property is also essential. The impact on rental value can be minimal if the remaining parts of the house need renovations, and the bedroom redesign is the only section that has experienced improvements. It’s crucial to keep the balance between the remodeled bedroom and the rest of the living space because prospective tenants take a look at the property as a whole.

Before moving forward with a bedroom redesign for a rental property, it is imperative to perform a cost-benefit analysis. It is essential to weigh the remodel’s expense against the possible rise in rental revenue. Homeowners should determine how long it would take for higher rental prices to cover the cost of renovations. The bedroom renovation might be a good choice if the anticipated payback period matches your investment strategy.

Bedroom Features That Add Value to a Rental

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet is a highly desired bedroom feature that significantly increases the value of a rental home. Tenants appreciate its practicality and convenience, such as ample storage space for their possessions and improved overall organization. Tenants may neatly store and access their clothes, shoes, and accessories with a Walk-In Closet, contributing to a clutter-free and more spacious living environment.

A Walk-In Closet’s appeal extends beyond its usefulness, as it gives off a sense of luxury and sophistication. Tenants regard it as a desired asset that raises the rental property’s status, making it stand out among other markets.

Moreover, a Walk-In Closet can contribute to a more organized and visually appealing bedroom. The potential for customization and organization solutions allows tenants to personalize the space to suit their needs and preferences.

Huge Windows

Large windows are a popular bedroom feature that can considerably increase the value of a rental property. These large windows provide numerous advantages, making the bedroom more desirable to potential tenants. They begin by flooding the space with natural light, producing a bright and welcoming atmosphere. This improves the overall appearance and saves energy by decreasing the demand for artificial lighting during the day.

Large windows also allow beautiful views of the surroundings, creating a sense of connection to the outside. Tenants frequently prefer a peaceful and visually appealing atmosphere, which large windows can provide. As a result, a bedroom with large windows can command higher rental rates and attract high-quality tenants looking for a more pleasant living environment.

Light Fixtures

Strategically placed light fixtures can dramatically increase the value of a rental bedroom. Choosing sophisticated and modern light fixtures increases the room’s looks, functionality, and tenant satisfaction. Consider installing fixtures that provide a variety of lighting alternatives, such as overhead lights with dimmer switches and bedside lamps. Energy-efficient LED lighting can also appeal to environmentally conscious tenants while lowering utility expenses.

Incorporating smart lighting systems, which allow tenants to control lights remotely, can also provide a sense of convenience and modernity. Well-designed lighting fixtures create a welcoming environment, making the bedroom feel more inviting and comfortable, improving its overall popularity and potentially justifying higher rental rates.


There are numerous ways to increase the value of a property. Still, the ideas in this article provide an excellent and essential starting point. Whatever the requirement for modifications, the investor must carefully manage their timeline and budget to guarantee they maximize their earnings.

Furthermore, the investor should preferably be in touch with what local home buyers seek in a location. This will assist them in meeting present demand and increasing the number of offers they receive.