A home is the most significant investment most people make in their lifetime.When it comes time to sell, homeowners often think about what they can do to get the best possible return on their investment. Many people mistakenly think that modding is the way to go, but that’s not always the case. Rather than go all out to renovate your home, it’s a good idea to know which home improvements are worthwhile and which aren’t. Here are some of the top home improvements that boost value:

Roof Repair or Replacement

Keeping your roof in good condition is a fundamental part of home maintenance. In the eyes of the buyer, the roof is one of the first things they notice. Most homebuyers expect their roof to be in good condition and will be very reluctant to purchase it if it isn’t. Few people have the money and energy to do significant roof repairs after buying a home. A local surveyor will notice when your roof is in poor condition and will devalue your home accordingly, depending on how severe the roof problem is. If your roof has minor issues, it may be more cost-effective to repair than replace.

Outdoor Makeover

Many buyers are attracted to gardens and outdoor living spaces. When it comes to value-added renovations, you should not forget the exterior of your home. It is the first thing potential buyers see when they decide to list your home. Invest in new plants and flowers and take care of your front yard. Analyze the exterior of your home and work on repairs that enhance the curb’s overall appeal, such as cracked driveways, crooked fences, and chipped paint.

Increase the Energy Efficiency

Potential buyers are interested in buying a home at an affordable price beyond the mortgage. Cold air from windows, poor electrical systems, outdated fixtures, and light bulbs deter buyers as it adds to the cost of living. Take time to improve various features of your home and adopt an energy-efficient lifestyle. It may be best to replace incandescent bulbs with LEDs, install low voltage led deck lights, reseal windows, replace old weatherstripping, and fix leaky faucets. Potential buyers will quickly find that your home is more affordable than others.

Neutralize Your Home

Specific buyers may be able to overlook the whimsical feel of wall art or ignore drab wallpaper, but for many, this can be a huge turnoff. The key to setting it up is making it attractive to as many buyers as possible, so it’s essential to think neutrally. You don’t have to remove all the life from your home until it looks like an empty show house, but you can take a paintbrush on the weekend and touch up chipped paint or give a vital room a neutral color scheme. You can enrich the house by making a difference. Bright, neutral colors make a space feel more spacious and do two things in one job.

Hardwood Flooring

Upgrading your floors is one of the best improvements you can make to increase the value of your home. However, you don’t have to tear your house apart to get these benefits. Instead, focus on larger or weathered areas to emphasize your DIY creations. Replacing outdated carpets and tiles with modern options such as hardwoods and mosaics will instantly increase the value of your property.

The best way to determine what to expect regarding resale value for your home remodel, especially if you plan to sell it soon, is to consult a realtor who is an expert in that market. They know local trends and can show you how other homes are being sold with the features you want to add.