Owning a garage has to be one of the best aspects of homeownership. No more scouring the area for a parking spot, worrying about the elements harming your vehicle, and no more worrying about criminals robbing, stealing, or vandalizing your vehicle as it sits on the street overnight. Plus, having more storage or workspace is always a plus. All of these benefits, however, are negated if your garage is not secure. Your garage is where you park your car, keep your Honeywell thermostats, store your belongings, and even enter your home.

You may not be confident in the security of your garage if it is protected by a simple key and lock system and with good cause. For burglars, a garage door lock is an excellent target. A missing key could be picked or damaged, or it could end up in the wrong place. A keyless garage door opener with a keypad is a terrific option. If you haven’t considered using a garage door keypad yet, here are three reasons why you should.

1. Locks May Be Changed Quickly and Easily

Suppose you misplace your key or suspect someone has an illegal entry. In that case, you’ll have to go through a time-consuming and expensive procedure of replacing the lock and ordering new keys for everyone who needs them, only to have to do it all over again if you lose the keys again. You can change the “locks” on your garage door opener keypad in a matter of seconds if you have one. Access is granted via a keypad code, so if you’re concerned that someone else has obtained your code, all you have to do is change it. If someone obtains the new code, a few seconds of reprogramming is all it takes to restore security.

2. Security Features Included

You must do everything you can to keep your family secure, especially since a break-in frequently occurs that you might think. By providing secure access to your entry with the help of a competent garage door installation company, a keyless entry can begin to improve home security. They even have motion sensors that light up your driveway so you can see what’s around you as you approach. It can be linked to your security system to alert you if there has been a break-in. You can also get notified when a door is opened or closed. Set a timer to close the door at specific intervals during the day, just if someone forgets.

3. There Are No Keys or Remote Controls to Misplace

If you do not have a keyless garage door opener system, you must always know all the keys or remote garage door openers. You’re probably well aware of how simple it is to lose these items. You’ve got your house keys, possibly many car keys, and even a workplace key.

Do you want another key to be concerned about? You can never misplace your key with a keyless garage door opener because there is none. You can always get into your garage without difficulty if you know your passcode just make sure your nest cameras are not being by a hacker.


As you can see, a keyless garage door opener system is highly useful, and installing the appropriate system with the help of reputable garage door installation companies is a lot cheaper and quicker than you might think. It’s time to upgrade your garage door to a modern key entry system if you’re still using a traditional key entry system.