Epoxy countertops are becoming popular because epoxy offers a variety of colors and patterns for homeowners who want to have a gorgeous countertop without breaking the bank and to match up with their honeywell thermostats and rugs too.

But how durable is epoxy on countertops is a big question begging for an answer. In this guide, we put some facts about the durability and other must-know things of epoxy countertops. Caesarstone also has a detailed article on epoxy countertops and their pros and cons.

What is epoxy?

First, you need to understand what epoxy is before going into the details. Epoxy is a chemical compound and refinishing product. Epoxy coating can help to turn the old and worn countertop into a glossy one.

How long can epoxy countertops last?

Epoxy countertops and their shininess can last for ten years or even more if you properly care for them. However, with no proper care, there is no guarantee on how durable epoxy countertops will last. The durability of your epoxy countertop depends on the quality of the epoxy product you use.

Can epoxy be applied on any countertop material?

The most exciting thing about epoxy is that you can apply it on most countertop materials like Formica, laminate, ceramic, metal, wood, concrete, etc. However, most homeowners don’t prefer epoxy coating on expensive materials like marble or granite. But epoxy coating can also be done on marble and granite countertops.

Are epoxy countertops moisture resistant?

Epoxy countertops are moisture resistant. However, you need to apply the epoxy over your countertop correctly to enjoy all the benefits of epoxy countertops.

Is it easy to apply epoxy on a countertop?

Prepare yourself like a pro because the process of applying epoxy over the countertop needs careful preparations. Before starting the process, thoroughly clean the surface of the old countertop, and pour a thin skim coat of epoxy to avoid bubbles.

Are epoxy countertops UV resistant?

Epoxy countertops can be damaged if exposed to UV rays. So make sure to choose a high-quality epoxy product that is resistant to UV. But still, there is no guarantee whether UV light will damage the epoxy or not.

Can any color or design be applied to epoxy countertops?

Epoxy provides exciting designs, colors, and patterns you can apply to your countertops. You can give your countertop a unique look as you want. Once the epoxy has cured, it offers a seamless surface that can be durable for years.

Is epoxy heat resistant?

The short answer is yes. For example, you can put a hot dish on the epoxy countertop without instantly ruining its surface.

However, keep in mind that the epoxy countertop surface is not heatproof. It means if you put a hot dish on the surface for a long time, it can damage the surface of the epoxy countertop. Use trivets under hot bowls to maintain the durability of your countertop,

Is epoxy self-leveling?

Self-leveling is one of the main features of epoxy that help to level the surface. Make sure to purchase a self-leveling epoxy product. If your epoxy is not self-leveling, then you may find some uneven sections on your countertop.

Are epoxy countertops non-toxic?

The epoxy countertop is non-toxic after the epoxy resin has cured. However, don’t use your epoxy countertop immediately. Instead, wait for seven days to use your countertop to eradicate all kinds of chemical effects.

How can you maintain the shininess of the epoxy countertop?

You can maintain the durability and shiness of your epoxy countertop by applying quality mineral oil on the surface at least once a month. Mineral oil will prevent the surface of your epoxy countertop from being dull and increase the durability and brightness of your countertop.

Now that we have answered the big question “how durable is epoxy on countertops,” Below, we will mention things you should know and factor before applying epoxy over your countertop.


Applying epoxy successfully over the countertop is time-consuming and needs a lot of work. So make sure you have enough time for this job and you can quit watching movies on solarmovie for a while.

Don’t use bleach

Avoid the mistake of using bleach on the surface of your epoxy countertop because bleach can damage the epoxy surface. Bleach can leave permanent stains on the countertop surface.

Get the assistance of an expert

Applying epoxy coating over the countertop requires a certain amount of skills and knowledge. If you want to do this work and avoid mistakes, you should consult with a professional who has enough experience working with epoxy countertops.

Have only one shot

You have only one shot. Meaning that once you apply the colors and patterns on the countertop, it will be messy if you decide to change them. Changing the colors and designs of the epoxy countertop requires a lot of effort and time.

Long curing time

Epoxy countertops take a long time to cure. After applying epoxy over the countertop, you need to maintain a temperature between 70 to 75 Fahrenheit for 24 hours. You can touch the surface of the epoxy countertop after 24 hours to check if the countertop is set up correctly or not.

After 72 hours, the epoxy countertop will be ready for light use. But wait for seven days to use your epoxy countertop fully.

Different results

Keep in mind that all the epoxy products are not the same in quality. The less expensive epoxy products can give you less quality. You need to choose the epoxy product carefully to get satisfactory results.


Although epoxy countertops are durable, they can be stained if liquid or food spills on the surface and remain for a long time. To avoid permanent stains on the surface of your epoxy countertops, make sure to clean liquid and food spills immediately.


Cost is one of the top reasons that encourage most homeowners to prefer epoxy countertops over other countertops. The average per square foot outlay to hire a professional for applying epoxy over the countertop is 25$ to 100$. However, you can also do this work yourself to save costs.


In this article, you have learned the lifespan, compatibility, durability, and various other properties of epoxy countertops that give you clarity about how durable is epoxy on countertops. You can consult with Caesarstone experts if you still have any questions about epoxy countertops.