Selecting the perfect housewarming gift is a lengthy process. You have to think about the budget, the preferences of the hosts, and available options. To make things easy for you, this think-piece has 12 gift ideas for the ceremony.

1. Bonsai of Lily

Plants make the best housewarming gifts. The bonsai of Lily will add a lively touch to the home decor. Don’t forget to include big pots or beautiful planters with the plant. This will make the hosts happy and satisfied.

2. Smart door lock

If the host is a tech enthusiast, this gift will melt his/her heart. This kind of lock turns the Bluetooth-enabled android or iOS phone into a key so the owner can use it to enter the house. It comes with a backup key, battery, and shared access.

3. Air fryer

This one is the best gift for health-conscious people. So they can enjoy fried foods without consuming lots of oil. If possible, you can also imprint their name on the fryer.

This customized approach will make the host feel even more special.

4. Automatic Vacuum cleaner

This automatic vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver for those who don’t get enough time to clean their home. Not only do they save time, but they also come in handy in cleaning the far corners of your room.

The only con of this machine is it is expensive.

5. Home gym-equipment

This gift will be your best pick if the host is a fitness enthusiast. You can buy some home gym equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, treadmills, etc., to help them level up their workout game.

6. Home security

Before buying this gift, just make sure that the owners haven’t installed home security yet. Home security makes the perfect gift as it protects the house.

Normally, a security system has an HD wide-angle surveillance camera and alarm system. The motion sensor also activates the camera and recording as soon as they receive any hint of movement. These also send the footage to the host’s mobile.

7. Pendant light

This kind of light adds more glamor to the interior design. They come in different designs to match various aesthetics. You can shop pendant lights online or even explore some offline stores.

8. Paintings

If the hosts are into artistic things, then you can gift paintings for the housewarming ceremony. But before going shopping, you must ask them about their favorite artists to comprehend their taste. This will help you to pick the perfect art piece.

Also, ensure that it is going with the house’s color scheme; otherwise, the host will not be able to showcase it.

9. Smart coffee machine

For most of us, coffee is fuel. So if the owners fall into the same category, you should gift them a smart coffee machine. They can control the machine’s function from the smartphone.

Plus, the host can make coffee from anywhere in the house. So imagine they will wake up and their coffee will be ready just by a finger touch. This makes the smart coffee machine the coolest gift on the list.

10. A door wreath

A housewarming gift that’s both decorative and functional, it enhances the appearance of the exterior and provides a warm welcome to visitors. Make sure it reflects the overall design of the house and fits the door (it shouldn’t be too big or too small, or it will look out of place). You can find great wreaths in your local stores or online on websites like Heftyberry.

11. Automatic pet feeder

This automatic pet feeder will make a perfect gift if the host has a feline or canine friend. They can feed their pet from anywhere just by setting timings. In addition, some high-quality pet feeders come with portion management, which prevents the machine from giving away too much food.

12. Amazon Alexa

Alexa can be a great housewarming gift. It can play songs, news, etc., and helps control the light’s setting. This is also less expensive than the other ones on the list.

Over to you…

So these were some of the best options for picking a great housewarming gift. Now, you have to know what the hosts will like the most.

Don’t forget to add a personalized note to make the host feel special.