Size matters. People who say that it doesn’t are lying to you. Every day people spend tons of resources trying to ‘bulk up’ or ‘get bigger’ and vice-versa. If size really didn’t matter, why go through the effort to burn all those extra calories?

Guilty, that’s a tongue-in-cheek moment. I clearly do not enjoy my morning walks! In all seriousness though, when it comes to your living quarters – size matters.

Everybody wants to live in a spacious unit. But not everybody can afford such a unit. That’s especially true in a hyper-competitive real estate market like Toronto. Yet, there are things that everybody can do to make their small unit feel bigger and live the big life.

In this blog post, I share exactly what these things are and why you should care about transforming your Toronto condo into a living space that’s both beautiful and functional!

Why Is It Important To Pay Attention To Your Condo Decoration?

A well-decorated condo benefits you and only you! Here’s how:

  • Adds value to your property: A beautifully decorated condo can increase the value of your property, which is especially important in the Canadian market, where condos are highly sought-after. Staged properties sell 5x – 11x faster and command 4% – 20% more than the asking price.
  • Creates a welcoming atmosphere: A well-decorated condo can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, which is important if you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in your living space. Potential homebuyers too appreciate a warm and welcoming atmosphere when you’re trying to sell your house.
  • Maximizes your space: Condos in Canada can be relatively small. Decorating them in a way that maximizes space is crucial. Carefully selecting furniture and decor can help you create a functional and spacious living space.
  • Reflects your personality: Your condo decoration is an excellent way to express your personality and style. By adding personal touches and unique decor items, you can make your condo feel like a reflection of yourself.
  • Enhances general well-being: Your living space can have a significant impact on your mental health and well-being. A well-decorated condo can boost your mood and make you feel happier and more relaxed.

Overall, paying attention to your condo decoration is essential to create a space that is not only functional but also beautiful and welcoming. By investing time and effort into decorating your condo, you can create a space that reflects your personality and brings numerous benefits to your life. All the effort that you take into decorating your space is never meaningless.

In case you ever decide to sell your property, you won’t need to transform your Toronto condo using staging services if your unit is already beautifully decorated!

What Are Some Of The Challenges Unique To Decorating Condos?

Functionally speaking – condos & houses aren’t too different. But when it comes to decorating them – there are a number of challenges that are unique to condos, such as:

  • Limited space: Condos are usually smaller than houses, which can make it difficult to fit in all necessary furniture and decor. This requires prioritizing functional and multi-purpose items and utilizing storage solutions creatively.
  • Height restrictions: Condos often have height restrictions that limit the size of furniture and decor. It is crucial to consider the scale and proportion of items to ensure they fit within the space and don’t overwhelm it.
  • Noise restrictions: Noise restrictions in condos can limit the use of loud or bulky items. A focus on quiet and space-saving items is necessary, along with careful placement of furniture and decor to minimize noise transmission.
  • Limited natural light: Due to their location in a building or orientation, condos can have limited natural light. It’s essential to use artificial light sources and light-reflecting materials to brighten up the space.
  • Condo regulations: Condos in Canada often have specific regulations on decorating and renovations, which can limit the types of changes that can be made to the space. It’s crucial to focus on creative and reversible decor solutions that don’t violate these regulations.

Where Do You Find Inspiration For Condo Decoration Ideas?

  • Pinterest: This platform offers a wide range of condo decoration ideas. You can enter specific keywords for your preferred style, and filter the search results by location to see ideas from Canadian sources. A few keywords that you can put into Pinterest are condo living room ideas and condo interior design.
  • Instagram: You can find many inspiring ideas for condo decoration on Instagram. By exploring hashtags such as #condodecor, #condoliving, and #smallspaces, you can discover the profiles of Canadian interior designers and influencers. Keep a lookout for reels, stories & guides as well!
  • Home decor magazines: Popular home decor magazines such as House & Home, Style at Home, and Canadian Living often provide tips and ideas for condo decoration that are relevant to the Canadian market.
  • Home decor blogs: Today, there are blogs for anything and everything. Home decor is no different. Online blogs like The Everygirl, Apartment Therapy, and Design*Sponge share lots of rich content regularly that can help you come up with creative and innovative ideas for condo decoration.
  • Condo showrooms: Visiting condo showrooms in major Canadian cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal can give you ideas for designing and decorating your own space. In case you have lots of free time on your hands, you can even book private viewings and attend open houses for more inspiration.

In case your brainstorming session feels incomplete – you can invite an AI friend like ChatGPT to help you come with up some new, fresh & futuristic condo decoration ideas. Yup, we live in a crazy world!

10 Condo Decorating Ideas: How to Make the Most of Your Small Space

Prioritize Functionality

A beautiful condo that’s not functionally designed is like a shiny car with no wheels. Gorgeous – yes, useful – no! When you’re decorating your condo, you’ll want to make sure that the space not only looks great but also serves a purpose. This means that you should focus on choosing furniture and decor that are both stylish and practical.

For example, investing in a sofa bed or a storage ottoman that can double as extra seating and storage can be beneficial. You can also opt for a dining table that folds down or a coffee table with hidden storage compartments to save space. By prioritizing functionality, you can make your condo feel more spacious and practical, without sacrificing style.

Choose Light and Airy Colours

Believe it or not – there’s more to colour than what meets the eye. By selecting the right colors for your living space, you can create an illusion of spaciousness and make the entire unit feel more open and inviting.

For example, using light and neutral colors on your walls and floors can make the space feel airy and open. You can then add pops of color through accessories and decor, such as throw pillows or artwork. This will add interest and personality to your space without overwhelming it.

Create Zones with Area Rugs

One of the best ways to maximize your small space is by creating different zones using area rugs. This is especially important if you’re living in a studio or a one-bedroom condo, where you need to create separate living, dining, and sleeping areas.

To choose the right size and shape of an area rug for your space, start by measuring the area where you want to place the rug. As a general rule, you should choose a rug that is slightly larger than your furniture but not too large that it overwhelms the space. Think of this as buying clothes for your house.

For example, in your living room, you can use an area rug to define your seating area. A 5×8 or 6×9 rug is usually the perfect size for a small living room. In your dining room, you can use a rug to anchor your table and chairs. A 6×9 or 8×10 rug works well for a small dining area. And in your bedroom, you can use a rug to create a cozy and comfortable sleeping area. A 5×8 or 6×9 rug is usually the perfect size for a small bedroom.

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light is essential in small spaces. It brightens up the area and makes it more welcoming, while also helping in creating an illusion of more space. Remove any heavy curtains or drapes that block light and instead, opt for sheer curtains or shades that allow light to filter through.

For instance, you can hang a large mirror opposite a window in your living room to reflect light and create a feeling of a larger space. In your bedroom, place a tall mirror against the wall to make it appear more spacious.

Use Wall Space for Storage

While decorating your condo, it’s essential to maximize every inch of your space creatively. One of the best ways to do that is by using your wall space for storage and decor.

For instance, floating shelves are great for displaying books or decorative items, while a gallery wall can add personality to your space. A wall-mounted desk or a fold-down table can also create a workspace without taking up valuable floor space.

Incorporate Plants and Greenery

Plants and greenery add color, texture, and life to your condo. Not only do they improve air quality, but they also reduce stress and enhance your mood. When selecting plants for your small space, consider their size and light requirements. If you’re incorporating plants into your decor – be responsible and prepared to take care of them. Water them regularly and ensure they have adequate drainage. Fertilizers can also help keep them healthy and thriving.

For example, succulents, snake plants, and spider plants are excellent low-light options that can thrive in a small space. If you have a sunny window, herbs like basil, parsley, and mint are great for your kitchen.

Invest in Statement Pieces

To add personality and style to your small condo, you consider investing in a statement piece – a piece of decor that best defines your personality. A bold piece of art, unique light fixture, or colorful rug can make a significant impact in a small space.

When selecting a statement piece, it’s important to consider the scale and proportion of your space. A large piece of art can make a small space feel more substantial, while a unique light fixture can draw attention to a particular area of your space. It’s also equally important that you don’t get carried away. Don’t end up making a statement that you can’t really afford.

For instance, a large abstract painting above your sofa or a colorful rug in your entryway can make a big statement in a small space.

Create the Illusion of Space with Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent tool to create the illusion of more space in a small condo. They reflect light and create the illusion of depth, while also adding a decorative element to your space. You can hang a large mirror on the wall or use a mirrored coffee table or accent piece.

To use mirrors effectively, place them strategically in your space. A large mirror opposite a window can reflect natural light and make your space feel brighter and more expansive. You can also use a mirrored backsplash in your kitchen to create the illusion of more space. Working with mirrors can be complicated. Lean into your research for inspiration that can guide you.

For example, a full-length mirror in your bedroom or a mirrored coffee table in your living room can add both function and style to your space.

Keep Things Organized and Clutter-Free

Maximizing storage and keeping clutter at bay is crucial to making the most of your small condo. Custom closets, built-in storage units, and multi-functional furniture are all great solutions to maximize storage in a small space. Regularly decluttering and donating items you no longer need is also important. Don’t hoard because you will just end up getting bored.

For instance, a built-in storage unit in your living room can provide both storage and display space, while a custom closet in your bedroom can maximize your storage options.

Embrace Minimalism

Embracing minimalism is one of the best ways to create an open and uncluttered space in your small condo. By focusing on simplicity and functionality, you can create a space that feels spacious and inviting.

This means that you should focus on selecting furniture and decor that is essential and has a purpose. You should also make sure to keep your space clean and organized so that it feels spacious and inviting.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed what I had to share. Now it’s your turn. Do you have any condo decoration ideas, DIY tricks, or other shortcuts that I have missed out on? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Share this post on your social network and tag all those friends who need to work on their condo decoration game!