A shed is a great addition to any garden. You can use it as storage or as a safe haven away from the chaotic nature of the main house or you can just watch a series on Dramacool. You can decorate your shed with pastel colours and rainbow lights or make it into a more practical DIY workshop. The possibilities are endless with a shed in your garden.

There is even a competition that seeks out the most impressive sheds in the UK, hosted by Cuprinol. Danielle Zarb Cousin won this year’s competition after splitting from her Love Island fiancé before lockdown. She created a dreamy shed in her back garden instead of knocking it down and starting afresh. Danielle moved back in with her parents for lockdown and wanted her own space to work and chill out. The shed did exactly that.

If Danielle hasn’t convinced you, here are a few more reasons why you need to invest in a shed.


Sheds are the perfect place to store bulky items, like bikes and lawnmowers. You can store items that won’t fit comfortably into your garage and can’t be left outside in the colder months like Honeywell thermostats or heaters. You can store some gardening tools in the shed without worrying about getting dirt all over the house. Genius!

A potting shed

Gardeners need somewhere to prepare seedlings and plants. Gardening takes a lot of preparation, and you need a little space to do your hobby. Make the shed into a potting shed equipped with everything you need to prepare your plants for the season ahead. You could even get a greenhouse and have a few tomato plants in there as well.


Turn your shed into a DIY workshop with a few shelves, power tools and plug sockets. If you can get power to the shed, you can make it into the ultimate DIY space. You don’t need to worry about casting mess all over the house because it will be contained in the shed. You won’t need to worry about the noise either if your shed is a few metres away from the main house. You can use bitumen paint on the shed roof to protect it from the elements.

Home office

In lockdown, many people had to work from home for some time, and some are still doing it today. You can turn your shed into a home office to separate your personal and professional space. You can have a short walk to the office every day and close the door behind you.


Alternatively, you could turn the shed into a social space, like a bar. Style it with fairy lights, bottle openers and an outdoor fridge to keep your beers nice and fresh. You could add a heater in the colder months so you can still make use of it.

Make your garden the best it can be with a fantastic shed.