When is the Right Time to Upgrade the HVAC System?

Every machine or equipment has its lifetime. Once it has run its course, it is less likely to give good performance and break down frequently. If your HVAC system is around 10 years old, it is perhaps the right time to make an upgrade. Using an older model not only reduces the efficiency and performance but also doubles up the electricity bills.

If you find your HVAC system in constant need of repair, the time is right for buying a new one. Call for a Frederick HVAC installation expert for upgrading the system. Here are some convincing reasons to upgrade and replace the existing HVAC system with a new one.

Your HVAC is super old 

It is a good idea to upgrade and buy a new HVAC system if is old. Every HVAC system has an average lifespan of around 10 to 15 years beyond which it becomes complacent, encounters frequent breakdowns, and consumes a lot of energy. It is pointless to spend money on repairing, maintaining, and servicing the HVAC system.

Improper airflow and circulation 

One of the primary roles of the HVAC system is ensuring good airflow. The variable speed motors uniformly ensure airflow. However, if the system is not able to provide proper airflow irrespective of the servicing, the HVAC system might need an upgrade. HVAC system cools or heats the home but also additionally plays a crucial role in cleaning the air. Malfunctioning of the system leads to poor filtration levels and impacts ventilation. Upgrade the HVAC system so that it can filter allergens, debris, and dust, and improve indoor air quality.

Higher electricity bills 

If you have lately observed a spike in the power bills, it’s perhaps because of the HVAC system. The older the system is, the more energy it consumes to perform its work of either cooling or heating the home. As a result, it can lead to an increase in electricity bills. If you have noticed a rise in the power bills every time you use the HVAC system than usual, it’s perhaps time to get in touch with a specialist. If the HVAC has a low star rating, it is better to upgrade to an energy-efficient one.

Need frequent repairs 

If the HVAC system breaks down, again and again, it perhaps is time to replace it with a new one. If there is a repeated breakdown of the system, get a complete inspection by a technician. In the majority of the cases, the expert asks for an upgrade. Hence, if you have spent a lot of money on repairs, it is time to replace the existing HVAC system.

Access to updated technology 

The older HVAC is not synced with the latest technology which makes the function difficult. If your HVAC system is old, it also runs on outdated technology. At times, it is not easy to even find spare parts for replacing faulty components. Hence, in such cases, it is best to update the HVAC as per the latest technology so that servicing and maintenance become easier.

Noisy and leaky HVAC system 

Although, the noises and leakages can be repaired, at times they might cause permanent damage to the HVAC system. Even after repeated servicing, the system is unable to cool appropriately or it creates a lot of noise, upgrading is a good option. A trained professional help in inspecting the system thoroughly and give a better idea if the system needs an upgrade or not.

Call for a trained and specialised HVAC technician for complete servicing. The professionals guide better in terms of upgrading the system.