What Size Angle Grinder is Best?

An angle grinder is a powerful tool that is used in metal fabrication jobs for cutting, grinding, polishing, finishing, and deburring of metals. They are also known as side grinders or disc grinders.

Like every tool used for metalworking and construction sites, this tool also comes in various sizes depending on the experience, flexibility, and efficiency. You also need to have the skills required to use an angle grinder. Each size has its significance.

Below 6 angle grinders can be used by DIYers or beginners, but beyond 6 requires skills and experience.

Today, in the below article, we will study the angle grinder in different sizes.

1. 4 ½ Inch Grinder

4 ½ Inch Grinder

It is the smallest and the most popular grinder on this list. An excellent option for all light-duty projects where you can include tasks like light grinding, sanding, cutting metal, and deburring of soft metals like tiles, wood, sheet metal, and others.

The main advantage of this size grinder is that it is very easy and safe to use. So, if you are a beginner and want to learn grinding, then you can trust this grinder without any doubt. This size grinder is also safe to use for DIY, repair, and general use.

2. 5-inch Grinder

5-inch Grinder

The functionality capabilities of this size grinder are quite similar to the 4 ½ inch grinder but with little advanced motor, larger disc, and capacity. If you want to complete your work faster but want all the functions of a 4 ½ inch grinder, then this is a great option.

You can use this if you are a beginner and can perform all the activities like making DIY, repairing, and general use. Also, you can work on heavier materials, and it offers good control and efficient energy.

3. 6-inch Grinder

6-inch Grinder

This grinder can be considered durable and perfect for small and medium-sized materials that have various levels of hardness. Having a 6-inch grinder gives you an advantage of versatility.

It is because it can be used for small or lighter objects, as well as for big or heavier materials (as it has a powerful motor). In comparison with DIYers, this grinder is mainly used by industrialists and is not for beginners. You can do angle cutting, metal cutting, and brick cutting with this grinder.

4. 7-Inch Grinder

7-Inch Grinder

This is a grinder for those work that comes within the range of medium to large. 7-inch grinders are great options for those who work for heavy-duty or large-scale projects, so it’s not for beginners. They are mostly used for concrete and metal.

In comparison with small-inch grinders, a 7-inch grinder has more advanced motors and surface area and requires some good skills. It’s an excellent choice at a place where speed and durability are important and need control handling.

5. 9-inch Grinder


This is the largest grinder on this list and must not be handled without experience. It is only used by professionals. This grinder is only meant for large-scale projects and heavy metal work. For example, cutting thick metal sheets and sanding on a large surface area. It is very big and is only meant for advanced jobs, not for precision jobs, because they are large and difficult to control.


These were some angle grinders that are used all around the globe. Before using, you must know how to use angle grinders, even if you are using the smallest one.

At last, no size angle grinder is best cause it depends on the need and the tasks you plan to handle. So, you can use different sizes for the task that suits them.

Have you ever used an angle grinder? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Size for an Angle Grinder for Home Use?

The best size for the angle grinder is none other than a 4 ½ inch angle grinder. Cause it is lightweight, easy to use, and is perfect for beginners or DIYers. The motor of this grinder is designed in such a way that makes it perfect for housework.

Which Is Better, 4 Inch or 5 Inch Angle Grinder?

They both are good in their place, but if we talk about the functions of these two grinders, they are the same. 5 5-inch angle grinder is the same as 4 4-inch angle grinder except with a little more surface area with more price. So, it would be better to buy a 4-inch angle grinder.

What is the Popular Angle Grinder Size?

The most common and most popular angle grinders are 4 ½ inch and 9 inch. 4 ½ is mainly used for lightweight and basic-level metal fabrication. Also, it can be used by beginners. But on the other hand, the 9-inch size is used mainly by professionals for heavy-weight metal and large-scale jobs.

Is a 9-Inch Angle Grinder Safe?

No, large-scale angle grinders were never safe. They are specially made for professionals used for heavy-weight metals and large-scale jobs. They are very large and very heavy to carry. That is why they are banned from some construction sites to reduce the risk of injury.