Is an Angle Grinder Hard to Use?

You’re probably getting started with a home-improvement project or building some utility object from scratch; hence, you’ve been contemplating using an angle grinder instead of a hand saw.

For anyone who doesn’t know what an angle grinder is, it is an electronic tool (either corded or battery-powered) used for metal structuring tasks like cutting, grinding, finishing, or polishing.

The use of an angle grinder isn’t just restricted to metal; it can be used on wood, concrete, or stone. It can also be used to cut ceramic tiles, stone, and metal; remove paint, rust, or mortar; and clean metal or carve wood.

At first sight, an angle grinder in operation might seem intimidating due to the sparks flying off, but it’s actually pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it.

Are Angle Grinders Easy to Use

There are several types of grinders available in different sizes that include a range of settings. The disc, which is the wheel or blade, is used to cut, grind, or polish the metals. They are also used to cut tile, stucco, and pavers. The type of grinder you select depends vastly on the kind of job you intend to do.

Skillful use of an angle grinder depends vastly on its several wheels and accessories. An angle grinder is inclusive of a spindle washer and a spindle nut, the installation of which depends on the thickness level of the wheels. To understand how to use the different parts of the angle grinder effectively, you can refer to the manual for accurate instructions. Once you follow all the steps and safety precautions correctly, using an angle grinder will be easy.

Below, we have explained the steps required to use an angle grinder effectively.

You can use an angle grinder in the following manner to benefit from the tool effectively.

  • The first thing you want to do is select the right tool. The tool you select depends on the task you’re taking up. For instance, a grinding wheel is used to smooth the rough edges, and the flap disc is used for smoothing rough surfaces for safe handling, etc.
  • You would want to test run the grinder to ensure the grinder and pads function smoothly. Double-check the degree of wear of carbon brushes.
  • You need to maintain proper safety measures while operating the grinder. Put on the right gear, and ensure to keep the grinder away from flammable or explosive substances. Also, maintain absolute precaution while handling the tool as you should not injure yourself or anyone else by mistake; hence, ensure to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the grinder.
  • The auxiliary handle and guard should not be loose, as that could lead to accidents. Hence, take that with caution.
  • You must install the wheel properly for its smooth functioning. The grinding wheel or flap disc should be free of moisture or chipped corners, and the installation should not be loose. Only use the specific tool used to strike the wheel clamp nut.
  • The socket used for the angle grinder should have a leakage switch device and should be damage-free before it is plugged in.
  • Clamp the workpiece properly before you begin cutting it, and maintain an angle of 30-40 degrees between the disc and the workpiece. Avoid tilting, shaking, or pressure when cutting the workpiece.
  • Don’t use high pressure when working with a grinder. Use low pressure to prevent any accidents and to prevent crushing the abrasive pads.
  • You need to inspect the spark flow at all times. You can use an ammeter to check whether you’re using the grinder too hard or softly. Using the grinder hard overloads and heats up the disc, releasing more intense sparks.
  • The angle grinder comes with a safety cover, and you should use the grinder only with the safety cover. In case the safety cover is lost, take the assistance of a professional to repair it.
  • Unplug the power plug of the grinder while replacing the grinder discs. Use the specific tools required for replacing the discs only.
  • You want to check the bearings, gears, and cooling fan of the blades of the transmission part of the grinding machine from time to time and ensure they are flexible and intact.


To conclude the article, using an angle grinder is not difficult if you know how to use one correctly.

Angle grinders look intimidating, but once you understand the operation, method, and safety measures to be applied, using one is easy. In this article, we have laid down the procedure to use the angle grinder along with what precautions should be used.

Just use the correct disc for the appropriate job, and the tool should function smoothly. Also, don’t forget to wear the right safety gear while operating the tool and prevent injury to oneself and others.

Hopefully, this article helped answer your query, and you understood the basics of using the angle grinder.