What Are the Cons of The Ring Doorbell?

Safety is one of the most crucial aspects that we never wish to negotiate upon, especially when it is associated with your house, the most valuable asset of your house.

We all are concerned about this one thing as we don’t know who actually might be at the door. Its importance hovers around safety-related concerns for our houses.

And for all of your concerns, ring doorbells have emerged as one of the most prominent options among existing and potential users, and you might as well be interested in knowing about them.

However, it also brings along a few crucial concerns that need your detailed attention.

Are ring doorbells waterproof, what relevance does it hold, and what other such questions might bother you before you plan to have it for your home?

But, in this article, we will be touching upon a few aspects, letting you know why you must think again and again before having one for your home.

Cons Related to Ring Doorbells that You Must Know

The ring doorbells are a fantastic way to keep a check on your home and provide an additional layer of security.

However, its vulnerability is something that you must know. Some of the majors are contained in the section below, which will help you make a wise decision before making a final call.

1. Can Be Easily Hacked

Can Be Easily Hacked

Like any other electronic gadgets in the world, ring doorbells can also be hacked and are extremely prone to such things. Back in 2019, a leading American daily reported that a hacker gained access to a ring camera in a children’s room and began talking to an 8-year-old girl in the room.

The ring doorbell set up in your home can be used to spy on your family’s every single movement. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, this might turn out to be one of your family’s biggest nightmares.

Every wi-fi-enabled setup is the biggest potential target for hackers. However, regular software updates to have strong passwords or make a two-factor authentication necessary, there are plenty of ways through which you can ensure the ring doorbell is safe from hackers.

2. Fake Alerts for Visitors

Fake Alerts for Visitors

Among the most common and frequent complaints from the users of ring doorbells is the false alerts that it raises. Since the doorbells use motion detection to look for visitors at your doorstep, therefore any movement in front of the door can raise the alert, even if no one is standing there.

Although this is not just limited to Ring doorbells, this problem is common to all types of motion-sensing devices and can be extremely frustrating. Literally, this can be caused by anything, right from the blowing wind to a passing car. You will never wish to have your doorbells constantly going off for absolutely no reason. 

With this, you will forever remain in the state of being paranoid about what is going to happen, especially when you reside in a locality with a lot of foot traffic. However, there is a bit of relief in this aspect as you can adjust the settings related to sensitivity to avoid accidental motion alerts coming off from your ring doorbells.

3. Your Privacy Matters

Your Privacy Matters

Privacy is another major concern that is associated with the ring doorbells. By their nature, they are meant to record all the happenings outside your door, who is coming, who is standing, and many other things that increase privacy concerns.

It is never an ideal option if you are too bothered with your privacy. If the hackers land up in the system, they might exploit you in any manner they want.

Besides, government agencies can also trouble you without your consent and can ask you for the footage in case any criminal activities happen in the vicinity of your house.

4. Third-party trackers

Third-party trackers

After you have downloaded the Ring App to monitor the proceedings, you have given your consent to access and collect your data and share it with third-party companies.

While you might say that what is the big deal in it, well, this can be used to build a profile of you, and that can be taken up for any number of activities that are illegal, and indirectly, you might land up in trouble. 

5. It Can Be Easily Stolen

It Can Be Easily Stolen

Ring doorbells are one of the great methods to detect porch pirates. However, they can be stolen very easily owing to their size, and these are not fixed as well. Thieves know well which things they must target first.

In one such case, a thief was caught stealing the ring doorbell, and the incident was recorded on the camera. The homeowner left the doorbell unsecured, which made it even easier for the thief to take it away with him.

So, it’s highly advisable to at least provide the ring doorbell itself with an added layer of security and just keep the periphery zone of the camera uncovered.


Well, by now, you must have made a wise choice, having gone through our observation, whether you should buy ring doorbells or not.

There can be a better way to secure your home than this. There are other much more efficient ways in the market through which you can provide your home with the security of the highest order.

It is best that you get your research done to find the best possible solution to secure your home. Please let us know your views and experience with the ring doorbells and if it is good to go with it. If yes, what measures should be taken here in the comments below?