What are Sheets: Finding Sustainable Organic Sheets for Your Bed

Getting your rest is all too important necessity in your life. And not just your life, but all of our lives. For every person in the world, we need at the very least 6 hours of sleep a day to function properly, and 8 to function to the best of our ability.

Now rest is attained through simple methods like of course napping and sleeping. You can do such in a chair or over a desk, but I think we all agree that the best form of rest comes from sinking into a nice spacious bed. Soft and fluffy, wide and big, it is a perfect way to get your sleep. But just as important as the bed, are the sheets you use to dress them.

Oh sure, you can sleep on a bare mattress, and it may even be comfortable and preferable in hot days like the summer season, but what about autumn and winter? What about those days when you don’t want to mess with the thermostat, but you want to get warmer. Or even more, what if you have company over and want to make a good impression? For reasons such as this and more, it’s important to have at least one pair of sheets for your bed, or ideally two.

But it’s not enough to have any sheets, you want some of the best sheets possible. And few are better than organic sheets. But before we get into that, let’s go more into detail about bed sheets, and what they can do for you.

What are They?

To put it simply, bed sheets are rectangular pieces of cloth in single or double bedding. They are placed right above the mattress, but below thicker bedding such as comforters, blankets, or bedspreads. They were first termed such in the 15th century. (See more here)

What are They Used for?

Like stated earlier, the bed sheets are used to line the bed. A bottom sheet is laid upon the mattress, while a top sheet is laid atop that. They’re what make the bed smooth lie on, and are the first sheets used on the bed before the comforters or blankets.

Different Styles

Bed sheets usually tend to come in two main varieties: fitted or flat. The former is a sheet with four corners filled with elastic, made to tighten around the corners of the bed when placed so they won’t fall off, while the latter is laid atop that for extra comfort. There are also other kind of bed sheets such as pillowcases, which cover the pillows as well for more comfortability.

The Materials and the Composition

Bed sheets are made from a variety of fabrics. Some of these include linen, microfiber, lyocell, cotton, Tencel, acetate, polypropylene, etc. Each fabric is used for a specific reason, such as cotton’s ability for absorption, or polyester’s resistance to wrinkles and its durability.

As for how they are made, the quality of a bed sheet depends mainly on its thread count, which is the number of threads per square inch. The higher the count, the softer the sheet will tend to be. The lesser the count, the opposite will be true.

How to Maintain Them

Bedsheets should usually be cleaned around once every two weeks, or ideally once every week. They should be washed in cold water and dried with low but consistent heat. This helps to eliminate things more efficiently such as stains or dust mites.

So now you know all about sheets from construction to consistency, so let’s talk more about organic sheets and what it is about them making them a cut above the rest?

For more information about bedding and sheets, please feel free to visit sites such as the one listed below.


The Difference Between Organic and Regular

Organic sheets are created from materials which are grown and treated without the addition of harsh chemicals or dyes. While they are also made of the same fabric as other sheets, they tend to have more organic and fresh fabrics in their use, in fact they’re completely made of them. These fabrics include but aren’t limited to wool, silk, cotton, etc.

Benefits of Organic Sheets

Benefits of Organic Sheets

  1. Environmentally Friendly – They are better for the environment and better for your health. They lack genetically modified materials like herbicides or pesticides.
  2. More Temperature Friendly – Organic sheets tend to be much cooler than synthetic ones. They’re natural insulators, locking cool air inside their lining to help you sleep better and cooler.
  3. Comfortability – They are more comfortable and softer than regular bedding since they’re not made from dyes or other chemicals.
  4. Durability – They are far more durable and resilient. Sheets made from organic fabrics, especially woolen ones, have more natural elasticity which makes them more resistant to wearing and tearing.
  5. Management – Organic bed sheets are far easier to clean and manage. But like with synthetic sheets, or anything going in the washing machine for that matter, if it has color, do not bleach.

Where to Buy

Bedding for your bed, whether they are regular sheets or organic sheets can be purchased in no small number of stores. You can do your shopping online for example, or you can go drive or walk to your nearest retail store in search of them. Some places that sell sheets include Costco, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s. Lowes, and so many more.

Now prices can vary, but bed sheets tend to be sold anywhere between 20 to 300 dollars; sometimes even more than that. It all depends on the distributer and the fees associated.


So as we all now know or have known, rest is a necessity for functioning in our daily lives. Few things offer better rest than a bed, and fewer things offer better rest on a bed than sheets. Whether synthetic or organic, you will find yourself in an entirely different world of rest and comfort should you invest in bed sheets today.