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It won’t be long until spring is here, so now’s a good time to give your garden a makeover. With new covid restrictions always being reintroduced, you’ll likely be spending more time at home and in your garden, so it’s important that your outdoor space is a safe and soothing environment for you to while away the days.

But your garden isn’t just a haven that can be enjoyed by you – if you’re a cat lover, chances are you have a feline friend who likes to join you for a spot of relaxation in there too. Whether you own a cat, are feeding a stray, or you just enjoy daily visits from next door’s tom, there are lots of simple DIY tips that can make your garden enjoyable for you and your cat. Here are some of our top garden hacks for cat lovers.

Shelter and Protection

While cats were born to survive the elements, most domesticated moggies are a little too vulnerable for comfort when they’re left to roam around the open world without any restrictions. A good quality cat patio that’s easy to assemble will provide the perfect level of protection, allowing your cat to enjoy your garden in safety.

Keep kitty even more cosy and warm inside the ‘catio’ by providing a makeshift bed. Cats love cardboard boxes and cardboard is easy to paint and decorate, so perhaps consider that for your material. Your cat’s bed can be open for it to sit in, or closed on all sides, with holes cut out acting as doors and windows.

Garden toys

Rather than merely allowing your resident feline to sleep in your garden’s hiding spots, why not look at ways to keep them entertained? Cat toys can be easily made and adapted for the outdoor environment, or you could use what your garden already has. For instance, cats love being teased with toys that dangle from above, so try using your garden furniture to your advantage like ordering from Swiggy and enjoying it with your friends and family.

Tie different lengths of string to your washing line or a tree branch and watch your feline friend leap up to try and  catch them. You can attach various objects – such as little catnip bags or toy mice – to the different strings to make things even more fun. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even try making up your own kitty assault course in your garden, using bits of wood and piping.

Add Interest

Different heights and textures in a garden create depth and space, but they also provide an interesting environment for inquisitive cats. Build dividing screens out of bamboo or wood and use them to separate your garden into different areas to create the illusion of depth and give your cat more places to explore. You could also adapt the dividers into cat climbing frames by adding sturdy creeper plants or using extra wood.

Use different levels in your garden to make space and to provide your cat with some fun – cats love being up high where they can see what’s going on below them. You could build your own cat tree from wood or plant some medium-sized trees to give more variation to your garden along the sliding and provide your cat with new levels to investigate. .


With these hacks, hopefully, you and your feline friend can enjoy a relaxing and fun time in your garden.

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