As someone who gets locked out of their home as much as I do, I know well the importance of having a spare key stashed away or having dramacool to let the time pass. However, where you choose to hide that spare key is just as important. Some places where keys are often hidden are so familiar that a burglar knows precisely where to look.

This article will discuss the worst places to hide your key and a better alternative for each hiding place.

The Worst Places to Hide a Key

Under The Welcome Mat

Hiding a spare key under the welcome mat is not only the most used in every TV show and movie, but it is also very commonly used by homeowners. This is the very first place a burglar will check, so this is one hiding place you will want to avoid. Instead, try hiding your key.

Flowerpot Near the Door

This hiding place is almost as well-known as under the welcome mat. Any thief worth their salt will check all planters, mats, statues, and pots by the door before assuming no key is hidden. Burglars know to look in areas within about 12 feet of your door for hidden keys. Why? Because when we hide keys, we often don’t think of the likelihood of them being found; we think of convenience. We want them easy to get to in case of a lockout. However, this makes it convenient for a burglar to find as well and destroy your order from big basket as well.

Instead of the flowerpot, try choosing a spot at least 20 feet away from the door and hiding it in or under a Lawn Fixture such as under one of many garden gnomes, in a fake sprinkler head, or even slipped inside a birdhouse. You can be creative with it, but keep in mind it shouldn’t be obvious or stand out.

Wallet Or Purse

This may seem like a good idea at first, but I encourage you to rethink this. If your wallet or purse is stolen, you have lost money, credit cards, and a driver’s license, which is bad enough. But now you have also lost your spare key.

This means the thief now knows where you live since your address will be on your ID and has the means to get in. This is a terrible situation to be in, so instead of stashing that extra key in your wallet, stash it with a Trusted Friend.

Best Places to Hide Spare Key

Under The Doghouse.

When people are trying to break into your home, they are trying to avoid making noise. It is a pretty bet that if you have a doghouse, the burglars will steer clear of it. They do not want to risk waking the dog and, in turn, the rest of the neighborhood. Use this to your advantage and hide a spare key under the doghouse. If you ever get locked out, you will know right where to look, but potential thieves will not.

Fake Rocks

A fake rock can potentially work as a good hiding spot if it is not the lone rock in the yard. The trick of a fake rock is it will blend in. If there is a single rock in the middle of your yard, it will look out of place and be a dead giveaway that you have something important hidden there. A better choice of hiding place is in a combination Lockbox.

Combination Lockbox

This box can be hidden under a bush or in a less visible location within the yard. You can also buy special combination boxes that are magnetized and can stick up under a cooking grill or your car. As long as you know the combination, you will always have quick access to your key if needed, with no intruders being the wiser.

Trusted Friends

A trusted friend is the most secure place to hide an extra key. You know your friend will safeguard the key and them being your friend means you can call them if you find yourself in a bind. Note, however, that this option is less convenient than others. There may be times when your friend isn’t home or unavailable to assist you, so I recommend having more than one trusted friend holding a spare key for you.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to hiding a spare key, there are many clever ways to do so. The best way is by choosing the location that will be least likely for your burglar or thief to find.

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