When coming to the foundations of cleaning your home, it can be easier written out than actually doing it yourself. Then,  you might even want to hire maids for the days you don’t want to or can’t clean, such as Rite Touch Maids. In these cases, one may result in hiring full-time maybe even part-time maid services. You may just need a sweep here, a little dusty there. Whatever your reasons, you can always consult a part-time maid to clean everything from your appliances to the camera installed for your security.

You want to plan and map out how your home will be cleaned. This gives a far more efficient approach for it allows you to touch base with every aspect of your home. The majority of homeowners love to have their home outstandingly clean under their own hands, but sometimes they don’t have the time. Personally, life will prevent you from being able to efficiently fulfill this hard task.

Homeowners will hire a part-time rite touch maids due to its leniency in your pockets. Can be the convent for you in ways its less expensive. Also, you don’t have to worry about the invasion of privacy because the maid will not live with you. Once you hire a maid, you can create a spring cleaning checklist for your part-time maid to clean. Making sure the part-time maid follows all the bullets you put in your cleaning checklist. Remember The maid will not live with you so the maid at first will have to learn the homeowner’s preferences.

Kitchen and Countertops

Always want to clean any utensils used in the kitchen to prevent spreading germs. Make sure to disinfect the countertops and wipe dry when finished.

Living rooms and Lounge Areas

Using a mop or a vacuum to clean these areas. Always leaving a dry and sparkling finish.

The Dining Area

After dinner, things can get messy and cluttered as you can’t always go for dine out around you. Leftover food you want to throw away and clean all dishes. Clean the dining table to get rid of any spills. Rearrange the chairs and disinfect the table. Wipe it dry.

The Staircase

The staircase can get very dusty, so you want to keep this area dusted often. You can also spray and wipe it dry.

The Bathroom

A soap solution or some disinfectant spray can be used to clean the toilet and bathroom sink.

The Master Bedroom

Fixing the bed, sweeping the floor, and mopping the floors. Remembering to wipe all doorknobs.

The Guest Room

Make sure the guest room is cleaned and comfortable.

The Kids Room

One of the most traffic areas in the entire home, make sure the beds are made and all clothes and shoes are put away. Kids can easily catch allergies due to dirt-carrying allergens and airborne germs.

Extra Activities

Making sure to vacuum all floors in the house and mop them to eliminate all dirt. Doing any laundry and putting the laundry away properly. Do not forget to clean the windows seals and doorknobs. Dusting pictures and books on the bookshelf, the computer, and the keyboard.

Creating a cleaning checklist for your part-time maid can help prioritize which chores are more important. Helps your part-time maid decipher which activities should be started immediately. The checklist ensures nothing will be forgotten or left undone. Being granted the part-time maid, you will be granted access to the home while the homeowner isn’t home. You don’t have much time to study the client a lot so this is another effective way a checklist can help you. This way you learn to know exactly how your client likes everything cleaned and where to place things that are out of place.

The overall goal is to have a satisfied homeowner. In order to achieve this, you want to make sure you implement the spring cleaning checklist that the homeowner put in place. Learning exactly how your client wants their house to be can help you work efficiently. Great performance will help you create a rapport with your client to help your experience run easily. Maids help you keep your home tidy when you don’t have a significant amount of time to do it yourself. In most cases, homeowners chose part-time maid because they are more affordable than full-time maid. Whichever fits the homeowner’s preference. Some homeowner lists may vary depending on what pertains to their home and daily lifestyles.