Pruning and trimming help a tree look beautiful and grow healthy. Hence, you have to cut dead limbs and stems of a tree at an appropriate time of the year. You may have concerns regarding the pole saw and cutting techniques. Since it is one of the most popular pruning tools, I have discussed pole saw cutting techniques here; to make it easy and convenient for the gardeners.

Starting with the introduction of the pruning tool, we will dive deeper into the techniques of cutting a tree or its branches.

Know Your Tool: The Pole Saw

A pole saw is a chainsaw attached to a long pole at one end. Whether the pole saw is corded or cordless, the tool makes it easier for you cut hard-to-reach twigs and branches of a tree. You do not need to climb up the tree or use a ladder to make a cut.

If you like a gas-powered tree trimmer, a pole saw is then your go. There are battery-run pole saws too. You can choose one depending on your work environment and personal preferences.

Once you have the pole saw, you need to know how to operate it. Here is all about pole saw cutting techniques.

How to Operate a Pole Saw: Simple Cutting Techniques 

If your pole saw is a corded one, you have to make sure that you have enough power supply there. You might already have enough if you use basic appliances like a refrigerator, whisker, an air conditioner or even a thermostat. In contrast, you do not need power supply facilities if your tool is gas-powered or a cordless one. It starts working when you press the button on the holding end. If you regularly use your chainsaw then you are going to want one with the longest lasting chainsaw chain, this way you will be able to get the most use out of it before maintenance needs carried out.

Maintain the following procedures when you work with a pole saw.

1. Clear the Work Area

Make sure you clear the work area before you cut off bushes and branches of a tree. No human or animal should come under the tree or the places where the twigs, bushes, or debris of the tree can fall.

Besides, you need to avoid any contact with an electric cable when cutting or pruning a tree. Consider the safety of the houses and buildings near or under the tree.

2. Determine What to Cut

Usually, the gardeners use a pole saw for pruning the bushes or cutting branches of a tree. Cutting down the entire tree may require a different tool, such as a standard chainsaw.

You should, however, determine the places you need to cut. For example, you can trim the limbs of fruit or flower trees after the blooming season. Dead leaves and branches of a tree are also to cut.

3. Make a Groove First

Look for the topmost branch of the tree that you want to cut. Place the pole saw at the bottom part of the branch. Veteran gardeners suggest starting by making a groove on the cutting spot; the goal is to create a V-shape first. This technique will help you cut the branch without using much force.

Start with cutting through the branch horizontally; do not go through it to the end. Make another cut creating a V-shaped groove on the limb.

4. Position Yourself

Before giving the final push to let the limb fall, see if the limb can fall on yourself. Stand where you are safe from any potential risk. You may use a ladder when you prune a high tree; make sure the material does not fall on the ladder.

5. Make the Final Cut

Since you have already made a groove on the intended branch, it is now a matter of seconds to make the final cut. Start slowly, and continue until the intended branch falls. Repeat the same procedures to cut the rest of the unwanted leaves and twigs.

6. Observe the Tree from Different Angles

After pruning some of the leaves and twigs, observe the tree from different sides. Find out the dead leaves and limbs; cut them down. Give the tree a good shape. Check carefully if you have left any place for water to settle, get rid of them.

Wear Safety Gears

Using a pole saw may be dangerous if you do it carelessly. It’s basically a chainsaw with an extendable pole, so it’s important to practice safety at all times. There are a lot of statistics on chainsaw injuries alone, and accidents can also happen when you’re using a pole saw haphazardly. Make sure that the pole saw is safe to use; troubleshoot the pole saw if it does not work its best.

To make yourself safer, wear the following safety gears:

  • Gloves for the protection of your hands
  • Googles for your eyes
  • Hard hat for your head, and
  • Work boots for your feet

Never disregard the safety measures; they will protect you from any possible danger you may encounter.


You want to keep your garden clean and beautiful. Your pole saw makes the job easy for you. All you need to do is follow the procedures discussed in this article.

Be patient if a particular method does not work out; maybe you need to hone your cutting skills or take someone else’s help. An expert can tell you what the problem is with a particular tool or the techniques you apply.

Working more and more with the pruning tool, you can discover many more ‘pole saw cutting techniques’ yourself. Until then, let more trees grow healthily, happy gardening.