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No Home Office? No Problem – Check Out These Alternatives To Traditional Ways Of Working

It is ideal to have a home office if you are looking at working from home at least some of the time for the foreseeable future. However, it isn’t always an option for some households, which leads to the question – where are you going to work?

The good news is that there are many different ways to work without having an official ‘home office’. In this article we are going to explore lots of different options for working that don’t involve having a home office to rely on:

The Floor Work Setup

There are lots of options available when it comes to working on the floor, which means you can essentially set yourself up anywhere with the internet and get on with your work or maybe just watch a movie. It doesn’t mean sitting on a cushion and reaching down to your laptop. Instead, you can get all kinds of things these days like: foldout laptop tables (a bit like TV trays), adjustable floor seats with a supportive back, large chair bean bags designed for adults and quirky iPad and laptop stands to use on any surface, including the floor. Once you perfect your floor work setup you can get yourself in any corner of the house and comfortably get your work done.

The Impromptu Car Work Setup

Working from a car or a van is sometimes necessary when you need to quickly get some work done and submitted. You should be able to do this easily with a 4G connected device, although it helps to keep the appropriate wires and charging facilities in your vehicle to help power your device up for a work session. Another handy device to keep in your vehicle is a Bluetooth keyboard. This can be used with an iPad or a phone so you can type away comfortably without having to use the keyboard on the screen, which can take up half of what you can see. It’s a really useful tool if you don’t always have your laptop with you.

Coffee Shop Working

Working from a coffee shop is not ideal, but it can be a great way to work in a warm, vibrant environment with hot coffee available at all times. It also means cheaper energy bills, which is great considering the price hikes that keep coming.

Do choose a chain coffee shop that does not care so much about you spending hours at a time on their tables. It is also a good idea, if you do work this way, to ensure you are clever about the information you have on your laptop at any one time, as you will be using a shared network and unfortunately that leaves you vulnerable to cyber-crime.

Hot-Seating/ Shared Working Space

It is more affordable than ever to be able to work in a shared office with other people for a reasonable amount of money per hour, half day or full day. You can sometimes hire an entire office yourself and put up some neon lights for the vibe, but for the cheapest rates you will want a hot seating situation. This is where you pay and you can go and work at any desk. Usually there is free coffee and snacks too, plus a great working environment full of other people like you.

The Standing Desk

The standing desk is known as a bit of a hipster addition to a home, but it actually has some really great benefits. One, is that you burn calories working and avoid slumping in your office chair. For the purpose of this article, though, the main benefit we love is that it takes up minimal space. You don’t need a chair, so you can simply have a thin desk against any wall in the house and work with your laptop on it. Some people even set up a shelf on hinges that they simply pull out and secure when they want to work. If you do need a bit of footrest you can always invest in a tall foldaway stool which again takes up minimal room, but serves the purpose of providing you with an extremely slimline working setup that you can put up anywhere in the home, or store in a self storage unit from

How Will Your Flexible Working Setup Look?

The options above are great considerations if you are struggling to create a ‘proper’ home office and you want a way to work anywhere, at any time. Be creative and add lots of ‘tools’ to your belt. With the right items and clever approaches you can work remotely well, without having to have a work office at home.

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