Is Honeywell Thermostat Compatible with Nest

Do you want to replace your Honeywell thermostat with a Nest thermostat to better regulate your home’s temperature? are you wondering how compatible they are?

There are various types of thermostat and heating systems, and for proper and safe operation, they must be compatible with one another. Both Honeywell and Nest thermostats are compatible with most of the modern-day cooling and heating systems in North America.

Since different manufacturers offer Nest and Honeywell thermometers, they might not be compatible, so if you want to upgrade your existing thermostat, you can contact your local pro installer to find out if your Honeywell thermostat is Nest-compatible.

This will help you choose the correct thermostat for your home and will also help you replace your existing thermostat with the one you want to install.

In this article, we will try to find out about the compatibility of the Honeywell and Nest thermostats and the Honeywell thermostat reset procedure. 

Can You Replace Honeywell Thermostats with Nest

We will try to find out if you can replace your old Honeywell Thermostat with a Nest without rewiring. 

Nest Thermostat Compatibility

Nest Thermostat Compatibility

Nest thermostats work with older systems and most 24 V systems like air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps with either radiant or forced air delivery. They mostly require a C-wire setup for power.

During setup, you can use the Nest app or Google Home app to know if your existing system is compatible with your Nest thermostat. Before buying a Nest thermostat, you’re recommended to check your system’s compatibility with it.

You must know the type of heating system you have to check to check for compatibility. Nest thermostats may have compatibility issues with heating systems that use 220V or 110V.

Since Nest and Honeywell are different brands, you may face some compatibility issues with their thermostats. Whether or not your Nest thermostat will work with your Honeywell thermostat will depend on the model and the type of wiring you have in your home.

Honeywell thermostats offer many features, including remote access and customizable programming, while Nest thermostats try to learn your schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Honeywell Thermostat Compatibility

Honeywell Thermostat Compatibility

The Honeywell thermostat has been designed to easily replace your existing thermostat. It is compatible with most of the North American HVAC systems without the need for major changes to your home’s wiring system. It supports both 2-stage heating systems and heat pumps.

Honeywell thermostat also has a smart response system that enables you to know how much time your HVAC system will take to reach the desired temperature you want. If you want to replace your Honeywell thermostat with Nest, it might be possible to change your house’s wiring system.

You should also check the model of your Nest thermostat that you want to install in place of your Honeywell thermostat, as the compatibility may differ depending on the model.

Check the compatibility of your Nest thermostat with Honeywell before purchasing it so that you don’t face any difficulties during the installation process. 


Both Honeywell and Nest thermostats have their own merits and demerits. If your old Honeywell thermostat is not working properly or you want to upgrade your HVAC system, you must purchase a thermostat that is compatible with your current setup.

Since both Honeywell and Nest thermometers are offered by different manufacturers, they have different installation procedures and wiring requirements. You may have to make major changes to your existing wiring system to replace the Honeywell thermostat with Nest.

You can also check out the manufacturer’s compatibility guidelines to know whether Honeywell and Nest thermostats are compatible with each other. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nest Thermostat Better than Honeywell?

Both Honeywell and Nest thermostats come with many intuitive features, making them ideal for different kinds of spaces. While Nest thermometers are a bit more expensive than Honeywell, they are more energy-efficient and can help you save lots of money in the long term. For a hands-off approach to cooling and heating your spaces, the Nest can be a good choice for you.

Can a Nest Thermostat Cut Down the Cost of Your Energy Bill? 

With the help of a Nest thermostat, you can save about 15% on your cooling bills and 10%-20% on your heating bills. In a time frame of just two years, Nest can pay for itself. In a year, you’ll save $131-$145 on your electricity bill with the help of the Nest thermostat.