Replacing your old bedroom door is one of the things that you can do on your own without getting help from anyone. You simply use the old bedroom door as the template when making sure that the new door fits into your bedroom. You also use it when cutting out the lockset and the hinges.

If you have a damaged or warped bedroom door, you do not have to worry because you can replace it easily. You might even be replacing it to change your home style or to ensure that it meets certain requirements that the old door did not.

If you are in that situation, we are going to give you a detailed guide into replacing your old bedroom door.


You will need several tools and equipment to effectively replace your old bedroom door. Before you get started, some of the tools and pieces of equipment you might need include a hand plane, screwdriver, drill, tape measure, hammer, thresholds and bumpers for doors, and a circular saw among others.

Steps To Follow

Step 1: Get The Old Door Dimensions

The first step involves measuring the height and width of the old door. You will need these dimensions when going shopping for the new door including the dimensions of your thermostat.

Make sure that the door that you are buying matches the measurements you have obtained from the old door.

Step 2: Get The Old Door Removed

The next step involves removing the old door. To do this, you will need to first remove the pins from the door hinges.

It is a good idea to start with the bottom hinge to ensure that the door cannot topple on you. In case some pins are hard to remove, you can use a screwdriver and a hammer to remove them.

Step 3: Trim The New Door

Before you can trim the new door, you need to first remove the hinges and the doorknob from the old door. After that, you need to get a pair of sawhorses and lay the new door across them. Make sure that you choose the right door from the various types of interior doors that we have today.

Get the old door, set it on top of the new door and align the lockset edge and top end of both doors and make sure they fit perfectly. Using a pencil, indicate any areas on the new door that needs to be trimmed to ensure that it matches the old door in size.

You will need to use a utility knife to ensure that the door does not splinter when trimming the new door. Now, you can trim the marked areas and ensure that the new door perfectly matches the old one in size.

Step 4: Mark The Hinge Mortises

Now, get the old door back on top of the new one and ensure that all the edges match perfectly. Using a utility knife, mark the new door for the mortises. It is very important to make sure that everything matches perfectly just like it happens in movies.

Step 5: Chisel Out The Hinge Mortises

Now that you have marked where the hinges need to go, you need to chisel them out. You can use a hammer to ensure that the mortise is outlined perfectly.

The next step then involves making cuts that are closely spaced and ensuring that they are deep to match the hinge thickness.

Step 6: Screw The Hinges

You now need to screw the hinges into the new door. To get started, make sure that the hinge’s depth matches the edge of the door.

After that, bore pilot holes through the screw holes using a centering bit and a drill. You can now screw the hinges into the new door.

You also need to test fit the new door to ensure that it closes well without any problems. In addition, ensure that there is enough clearance between the frame and the door.

Step 7: Set Up The Lockset

You now need to set up the lockset. You might want to reuse the one from the old door or choose a new one from the various choices in the market.

Drill the door to fit the lockset. Make sure that you have taken the right measurements to avoid any problems. You can paint the door after this step and wait for it to dry before the next step.

Step 8: Fix The New Door

Finally, you can now fix the new door. The best way of doing this is by holding the door in the bedroom opening and then interlacing the hinges.

Make sure that all the hinges are properly aligned and then insert the pins. You can ask for help at this stage.


After the last step, make sure to test the door to make sure that it works well without any problems. This way, you will have replaced your old bedroom door on your own easily.