The tracks of the wave curtain will ensure a flowing and smooth effect on the curtain fabric. The track usually comprises a gliding cord and heading tape. These two components work together to ensure a flowing look of the wave curtain.

However, you must choose the right tracks for the wave curtain from Direct Fabrics to achieve such a flowing appearance. It needs to be weighty enough to accommodate the wave curtains. Also, you need to choose between hand-operated and automatic tracks.

Thus, we have prepared this guideline on how to choose the right tracks for wave curtain. It will make your purchase of the track for the curtain easy and fun.

How to Choose Right Tracks For Wave Curtain:

Wave curtains with their waves look truly attractive. The only problem with the wave curtains is that their flowing wave gets lost too soon. Therefore, it starts looking not so pleasant. Thus, you need to use a track to ensure the right shape of the wave curtains.

When you decide to get the tracks for the curtain, you need to look at a few facts.

Installation type:

The track for the wave curtain is available in two mounting systems. It is available in top fix and wall fix systems. The wall fix will enable you to install the track along the wall. Also, it is easy since you don’t need to reach higher.

On the contrary, the top fix needs you to install the track right on the ceiling. So, you will need a stair to reach the top.

Weight of the track:

The tracks have a weight rating. It will help you know how much weight the truck can carry. So, you need to consider the weight of the wave curtain and choose the track accordingly. It is crucial since wave curtains are often heavyweight.

If the track is not weighty enough, it will fail to accommodate the weight of the wave curtains. So, when buying it, look at its weight rating. Also, a heavier track will be right for contract use to offer a better curtain flow.

Size of the track:

Most track manufacturers offer a “made to measure” system for the wave curtain tracks. It means you will get precisely the right size for the wave curtain. Thus, you can easily measure the size and length of your wave curtain. Then, you can order the track accordingly and order food online to enjoy on track.

Hand vs. cord operated:

One of the key considerations for the wave curtain tracks is the pulling system. It comes with hand and cord-operated pulling systems. The hand-operated tracks will follow the conventional pulling system. You need to pull or apply the track by pulling it with your hands.

On the other side, the cord-operated tracks come with a string. As you pull the string, you can easily lift and adjust the track. So, it helps you maintain the flow of the wave curtain better. Also, it is easy because your hand will feel stressed to pull the track multiple times a day. With the hand-operated track, you can easily adjust the curtains for the perfect look for your home decor.

Consider the installation kit:

You also need to look at the package and the kits of the track. Does it provide you with everything you need for the track installation? For instance, you will need the screws and specially designed heading tape for the track. You will also need the gliding cord to adjust the track.

If the package doesn’t include all these items, you must purchase them separately. So, it will add up to the overall cost. It is something you should avoid. We recommend you get the track with the full installation kit.


You should also get the right track for the wave curtain when you purchase it. Or else the flowing look of the curtain will soon get out of shape. And this shape distortion of the wave curtain is the last thing you would want.

Henceforth, the track will ensure the wave curtains always look gorgeous. Also, when choosing the track, check its lifting system, size, weight rating, and installation process closely. If you pick the wrong size or weight rating, the track will be useless.