A crowded home is never beautiful. Yet many of us are tripping over favorite furniture pieces and fancy thermostats knocking decorative items off of side tables. With a storage unit, you can enjoy all of your favorite stylish pieces and decorative items, but you can rotate what’s on display.

This rotation is similar to what people do with their seasonal decorations. In your case, however, you would be storing items in order to free up space in your home and yet hold onto the things that are of value to you. Here are the ways that you can utilize a storage unit to minimize the clutter in your home without decreasing the collections you have spent money and time acquiring.

Dining Room

Many people need dining room furniture only a few times a year. This doesn’t mean it isn’t useful. However, they may not want to have a giant table and ten chairs in a space that could be extra space when it’s not Thanksgiving.

By rotating the chairs and table into a storage unit, you can have the extra room until it is near time to host a party or to have a family over for a big event. This allows the space to be a yoga room or a playroom until the area is needed for its original purpose.

Living Room

How many times do you trip over extra furniture in the living room? This is often due to furniture stuffing. We all want to be comfortable and to have enough seating for everyone in the living room. Many of us are also concerned with storing valuables, heirlooms, and other classic, expensive furniture that we view as an investment.

To avoid this stuffing, you can rotate favorite pieces from your storage unit. In the summer, the college students are home and you need all the furniture. In the winter, the kids are away, and you need more indoor space to cope with the cold outside.

Too Much Decor

In any room, there may be too much decor. These may be crafts, artwork, or other decorative items that have been given to you or have been collected by you or both! They mean something to you, and you don’t want to part with them.

With a storage unit, you can pack up the overflow and enjoy cleaner spaces. The family or guests can have elbow room. When you get tired of your collection, you can pack up the current displays and get another set from the storage unit. You will enjoy items more if they aren’t so crowded and if you don’t see them every day.

Once you get in the habit of maintaining your home with fewer items, you’ll be surprised at how much space you have for your big screen to binge-watch pending episodes. Your investment in decor and furniture will still be honored by its presence in a nearby storage unit where you can retrieve what you want at any time. It’s a bit like having your cake and eating it too. There really is no downside to using this rotation method made possible by a storage unit.