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Home Improvement Ideas for a Long-Distance Move

Moving to a new house is both exciting and exhausting. We consider packing, loading, and transporting a part of the moving process and often forget to understand many other tasks related to moving. Preparing and improving your new house before moving into it is the most underrated task of them all. It is important to know the damages and needed home improvements before you go there.

Imagine that you have reached your new home with all your packed boxes and the house has a bad odor due to dampness and faucets are not working well. It becomes even more important to get your home ready to move when you are locating cross-country else the move may turn out to be a nightmare for you. If you are not sure, where to start and what to do when moving long-distance, you can refer to the guide given below to have a smooth moving experience.

Get It Painted and Cleaned by the Professionals

A clean house is the first thing that you will need when moving to a new city or state as it will be hard for you to clean a house full of packed boxes. Consider getting it cleaned by professionals as it is easy to clean an empty house, you can opt for a deep clean service.

You can check online for some good cleaning service providing companies and can get the best deal. Before you get your house cleaned, get all the needed repairs done. Make sure all taps and faucets are working well, all drainage places are clear of any obstruction, electric connections are in working conditions so that you can use thermostats or air conditioners.

Also, check if electric switchboards are working and if any damp areas need repair. Do not forget to look for any leakages. You can pay a visit to your new home to be sure of all the plumbing and electricity-related repairs. Along with all this, make sure you keep searching for good cross-country movers at Moving Apt as finding the right moving company is a hectic and time-consuming job.

Get your new home painted as a newly painted house looks as good as a newly constructed house. You will feel happy and energetic in a well-painted and lighted house. Choose paint colors as per your choice and need. Pastel and light colors often give an illusion of a bigger space while dark colors make the space look small so choose paint colors wisely.

Change Door-knobs and Switch Boards

You can give an altogether new look to the house by simply replacing old doorknobs and locks. Consider changing taps and faucets and you will notice a big change in your bathroom and kitchen. We often see that old taps and faucets get rustic and damaged when are exposed to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Similarly, you can change the overall look of your rooms by merely changing the switchboards. The design and style of electric buttons and switchboards keep on changing with time and replacing old switchboards with the latest design will give your rooms a new and updated look.

Replace the Outer-Locks

Safety if the primary issue when we talk about home. It is highly recommendable to change the locks of outer doors of your new house. Many people like brokers, neighbors, and family and friends of old residents may have the access to the old locks so it is important to install new locks at the main door and other outer doors of the house. Also, make sure that smoke alarms are in working condition and that the home is well-insulated as it will help you in lessening your utility bills.

While you may think that replacing your lock is something you can do yourself, it’s important to hire professional locksmiths. These experts have the necessary skills and tools to install new locks correctly, ensuring both security and peace of mind.

Take Note of the Windows

Windows play a significant role in the aesthetics and functionality of the home. They provide natural light, offer ventilation, and create a visual connection between the indoors and outdoors. Therefore, during a long-distance move, it’s important to inspect and improve your new home’s windows thoroughly.

Make sure that the windows of your new house have curtains to ensure safety and privacy. It is wise to put curtains or install blinds before you move into the house. As you will be coming from a far-off place, it is important to get all this work get done either by your landlord in case it is a rented house, or you can get these works done while you are visiting your new home for repairs.

Check the Flooring

Flooring can have a major impact on the comfort and functionality of your home. Before moving, be sure to assess the condition of flooring in your new house.

Make sure your new home has proper flooring. Look out for cracked tiles, loose boards, worn-out carpets, or any other noticeable wear and tear. You should repair any detected damage or, if necessary, replace the flooring before moving in to avoid potential hazards and inconvenience. Also, change the flooring according to your own needs and tastes. For instance, if you have a toddler at home and the house has tile flooring, you may like to put a carpet on it. It is a good idea to make all these changes before you shift your things to that house as it is much easier to repair or renovate an empty house.

So, now that you have checked and done all the required changes, book a good interstate moving company. As discussed earlier, deep cleaning your house is the most crucial part. Often we see that professional cleaners also provide pest control services, if they don’t, make sure you get the pest control done before you move in.

Generally, professional cleaning services can give you peace of mind, by freeing you from the hassle of dealing with grime and dust. So consider hiring a local deep-cleaning team. After all, nothing beats the joy and comfort of stepping into a clean, well-maintained, and personalized home after a tiresome journey.


A long-distance move is a monumental task that involves several considerations. Take a proactive approach to home improvements to make the transition into your new space more manageable. Whether it’s ensuring the paint is fresh, the doorknobs and switchboards are functional, or the outer locks are secure, every detail counts toward creating a space you can truly call home.

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