The decision to move is a huge one. Individuals and families often spend years envisioning when and where they will relocate next. Other times, a move feels imminent due to factors such as wanting a larger house or taking a new job in a different locale. Making a major transition always comes with some level of hesitation. However, there are usually telltale signs that it’s time to put your current residence on the market and start a life in a new home or location.

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Signs It’s Time to Move

The signs that indicate a transfer can take many forms, including a variety of social and financial factors. The following are numerous signs that you should make the major life change of relocating to a new home or city.


It’s not uncommon to feel an urge to move closer to certain family members after a prolonged amount of time away. Sometimes this is to provide care and support for aging parents or grandparents, or it’s to have the assistance of family members when raising children. There are a million reasons why you may feel compelled to move closer to family. It may be time to move if you’re feeling that the current distance is just too far.


It’s more costly to reside in specific neighborhoods, cities and parts of the country. You may be living in a place that limits the luxuries you can enjoy. This could be because a majority of your income is used to pay bills, rent or mortgage. It’s likely time to move if the cost of living in the current location is causing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Moving to an inexpensive town or into an economical home could provide the financial freedom you need to live life to the fullest.

Constant Dissatisfaction

Maybe it’s the cool climate, boredom, traffic or undesirable neighbors that causes you to complain about where you’re living. If this is the case, then it’s possible it is time for a move. Constant complaining can put you at risk of becoming angrier and enjoying a lesser quality of life. Remain aware of your gripes and of the proxy sites for 1Movies as well, jokes apart, always look for gripes and if they’re all rooted in the place you call home, it’s time to plant roots elsewhere.

A Need for Space

A growing family is often motivation to search for a new house, and often, a fresh city or suburb. However, you don’t have to be expecting kids to want more space around the house. You may want a larger outdoor area for gardening or extra room for pets. It doesn’t matter what’s calling you to a more spacious property; it’s probably time to make the change.

If the need for space is pushing you to move, start your house hunting early. It can be a challenge to find a house or flat that ticks all of the boxes – you don’t want to miss out on the good deals. But what do you do when you live in a crowded city, and spacious properties are few and far between? If this is the case, you should keep an eye out for a place near great parks and find a storage space nearby. When you get both – you immediately solve your space problems. Your new flat will give your much-needed breathing room, while your storage unit keeps it clean and clutter-free.

Making a move is a major decision, whether you’re contemplating relocating from an apartment into a single-family home or are hoping to change your life across the country. Moving isn’t a decision that should be taken nonchalantly, but it’s one that could greatly transform your life for the better. For more tips on when to relocate and where to reside, see the accompanying infographic.

Author bio: Brian Slater is the founder and President of New City Moving, which provides moving services in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Slater has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and focuses on providing top-notch customer service as well as a stress-free moving environment.
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