A knee pillow is used to improve a person’s comfort while they sleep. They work by improving the spine’s alignment, relieving pressure, and putting the body in a relaxed state. Several people benefit significantly from using these knee pillows; this article will discuss the various Everlasting comfort knee pillow types.


Hourglass knee pillows are often thinner in the middle section while thicker at their edges. They fit nicely between the user’s thighs and are made to remain in one position. The hourglass knee pillows are ideal for side sleepers who want to keep their knees apart and watch movies in sleeping positions.

Body Pillow

Body pillows most often have the width of a bed pillow but twice its length. They are a perfect match for pregnant women and side sleepers.

Half Moon

The shape of this knee pillow is like a cylinder with a flat edge. It is usually placed under the knees for back sleepers, though anyone can use the cushion between the legs for side sleepers.


The cylinder knee pillow shares similarities with the half-moon pillow, but they are round all through instead of having one side flat. The pad is standard amongst back sleepers who put them under the knees.


Wedge knee pillows appear triangular from the side, but others are round. Typically, these pillows are utilized by back sleepers under their knees, though some are made to lift the legs.


Heart-shaped knee pillows are the smallest in the market and the most affordable. They easily fit between the knees and thighs of the users, especially side sleepers, and usually come with adjustable straps.

Who should avoid knee pillows?

Sleepers who move frequently

Some people turn around a lot on the bed while sleeping, making keeping a knee pillow in one place overnight a difficult task for them. Alternatively, such individuals can go in for knee pillows with Velcro straps, though they may not be sufficient enough to hold the pad down in one place.

Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers usually do not require knee pillows when sleeping because the sleeping position does not impact the spinal alignment. This category of sleepers may want to position their pillows under the hips.

It is not enough to own a knee pillow; another major factor to pay attention to is the cleaning of the pad.

How to clean a knee pillow?

Most knee pillows always come with detachable and washable covers. Some surfaces can be machine washed, while others can be hand-washed. When it comes to cleaning, always read the manufacturer’s instructions because incorrect washing or drying of the knee pillow can destroy or reduce its warranty.

Where can one purchase a knee pillow?

It is easy to find knee pillows online and at walk-in stores that sell mattresses, bedding, or regular pillows. When purchasing a knee pillow from an online store, make sure to check if the store offers free shipping or free returns.

Are the knee pillows adjustable?

Some knee pillows come with adjustable straps just like Honeywell thermostats that can be fixed to meet personal preferences. Always read the packaging or the manufacturer’s website to see if the buffer is elastic. The changes usually center on the firmness and thickness of the pillow. Check out the latest designs and quality knee pillows at Everlasting Comfort.