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Summertime in Canada is beautiful because we finally get to leave our homes after hibernating all winter and hang out with friends and family in shorts and t-shirts. There’s no ice on the road to contend with, and we get to light the BBQ and party!

There are a few things you can do to make the gathering even better. Please read on to learn what they are.

Clean and Pest-Free

If you invite company over, they should walk into a clean home. It doesn’t need to be immaculate from top to bottom, but it should convey the sense that it’s tended to and not full of germs.

Seeing pests indoors is the quickest way to undo a sense of cleanliness. Hire the leading pest control company in Toronto and the GTA to get custom sprays that eliminate infestations with Health Canada-approved ingredients, meaning they don’t pose any risk to the environment or your pets.

They can even offer Home Protection Plans that prevent pests from appearing in the first place. After all, if you have friends over and they see a mouse or a roach inside the kitchen, by then, it’s already too late.

Get Your Playlists Ready

There’s a difference between having music on in the background as a filler and playing great tunes that become a feature of the entertainment. Who is coming over, and what kind of music do they love? Do you have an inside scoop on a new and up-and-coming artist who’ll knock them over, or maybe an obscure old one that shouldn’t have slipped through the cracks?

Even if music isn’t particularly your thing, the occasion will stand out better if you play music beyond today’s top radio hits. However, don’t just play songs you love, either. Be mindful of your favourite sounds and the room — that’s what DJing is all about.

Food is Everything

Hosting means laying out a nice spread that fills people’s bellies and their souls. It doesn’t need to be gourmet or expensive food, but offering some healthy and flavourful choices goes a long way.

Food is getting very expensive, even for basic groceries. You shouldn’t feel pressured to spend more than you’re comfortable or able to. Deluxe cheese and cured meats for a charcuterie board are great, but you can freshen things up with some crackers, fruits, chocolates, and other delicious and more affordable items.

If you make any home-cooked sides or features, people will enjoy and appreciate the work you put in. Ultimately, when you serve food from a place of love and joy, you can make an impression without dropping as much money.

Canadians have a few months to seize before the autumn chill precedes another dark and cold winter. Make the most of your summer gatherings by doing the fundamentals well. Keep a clean, pest-free home, play stirring music that excites guests, and serve yummy treats, and you have the makings of an amazing summer outing.