Finding the perfect housing plan is a headache for most people. The decision comes with extra tasks like checking if the homes are in a secure area, scrutinizing if the construction company followed the recommended stipulations regarding permits, and much more.

Rather than go through all this trouble, you can always work with a trusted developer. Automatically you get to rest while someone else does the work on your behalf. So, if you’ve been toying with the idea of being a homeowner, here’s what you’ll be working with when you close a deal with one of our realtors.

Virtual or In-Person Tours

We offer two touring options for interested persons. Regularly, we allow individuals to walk into our community homes for sale and have an in-person tour. However, the health advisory doesn’t let us use this option since it doesn’t work well with safe distancing.

You’re free to speak to one of our support team members to plan a virtual real-time video tour. We use the most recent video graphics to ensure you have a clear view of the home, in and out. Thankfully, we have a dedicated team for this work which will gladly let you watch the video as many times as you’d like to ensure you have a clear view of what you’re working with before making any commitment.

Nearby Schools

If you have school-going children, you do not have to worry about finding schools far from this community. Tukes valley primary and middle schools offer top-notch education to kids in primary school. With a metric score of 7/10, you have nothing to worry about the school’s quality of education.

Older students also have their option, about two minutes away from the community. Battle ground high school caters to the needs of older school-going pupils from grades 9 to 12. The GreatSchools ratings allow you to gauge if this is a school worth trying.

Modern House Plans

Cedar heights NW homes utilize the most current building plans. We incorporate everything modern into the homes to give you a touch of class. Everything from the house plan to the utilities and finishing is tastefully done by some of America’s most talented architects and interior designers.

High Security

Security is paramount for all our developments, so we provide round-the-clock patrol within the area. The units have a security-friendly plan allowing you to set security cameras around and within your home whenever you’re ready. And thanks to the community setting, security is at its best all the time.

We understand that wildfires are unfortunate eventualities that attack unexpectedly. Consequently, we offer alternative escape routes in case of such an instance. Nevertheless, each member has to register their contact with the local fire department for updates on incoming fires. Our very own Cedar Heights Security Company oversees all security protocols within the community to ascertain your peace of mind.

Multiple Options to Pick From

There was a time when building units with the same plan within a block or community was an in-thing. However, tastes evolve, meaning that not everyone wants a one-story house. With that in mind, we’ve used multiple plans for single and double-story houses to offer variety to home buyers.

These are available in different patterns for increased leverage on everyone that wants to get a house within our space.

Financial Advisory

You get to deal with the best financial advisors on money matters. Whether you’re looking for mortgage plans, home equity loans, or mortgage refinancing, our finance team will walk you through the available options.

We understand everyone is going through tough economic times, which can be overbearing even for the most financially stable buyers. So we offer flexible payments and room for readjustments to allow you to pay for the home at a good pace.

Serene Environment

Cedar Heights is widely known for picking the most scenic locations before setting up community homes for sale. The environment is conducive for homeowners looking to settle and raise a family, meaning it’s suitable for everyone else who doesn’t fall under the family bracket.

The beautiful touch of greenery ensures we stay within the umbrella of the stipulated eco-friendly environment.

Nearby Amenities

Shopping, visiting the hospital, going to church or the gym, or enjoying an afternoon with your loved ones shouldn’t be a tasking affair. Most buyers want a home with access to all necessary amenities within a few miles radius.

Sitting in traffic for hours to get to a mall in the next town isn’t something homeowners want to contend with, no matter how beautiful the home is. Thankfully, we consider these to make your life easier and your experience bearable.

Final Say

Getting a home requires a comprehensive approach. Aside from working with the best service providers in the country, we ensure that everything you’d like in a modern home setting is available to make your purchasing journey smooth.