Not everyone will be able to have a carefully curated home with Architectural Digest level of designs. But everyone can have a tidy home that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A functional home does not focus only on the appeal of items but also their purpose. To make your home more functional, you want to detract from knick-knacks and invest in pieces that have both a design principle and purpose in your home. Following these quick tips on getting to a better, less cluttered home:

Have A Good Entryway

You want to set yourself up for success, so begin the functionality in the front of your home. Design your entryway with yourself in mind. A great start is having a shoe closet or shoe rack right next to the door. This way, whenever you come home, it becomes second nature to put your shoes away. It will also make mopping much easier, and your home will be cleaner. Be sure to also have house slippers at the ready next to it.

Other items that often accompany us home are keys, mails, and bags. Have a multifunctional rack that houses these items, so there is no clutter, and you also always know where your bags and keys are. Extra points if you include a small trash can under the rack so that you can readily dispose of junk mail. Designing an entryway that accounts for incoming clutter and organizing permanent items is the largest step to functionality in your home.

Machine-Washable Anything

Everything can be machine-washable these days, including couches and rugs. If you know your family or you are not careful people or if your home is a high-traffic area, buy machine-washable everything. Nothing makes a home less functional than non-usable furniture because it is too easily stained. Couches with loose sleeves can be stripped and thrown in the washing machine if someone spills a drink. Some couch cushions themselves can be machine washable, so keep this in mind if you are shopping for a new couch. You can also pick up an upholstery cleaner if your cushions are not machine-washable. Another great item that can be machine-washable is rugs. Rugs are beautiful but also a magnet for dirt, food, and hair. Being able to pop your rug in your washing machine will be a blessing. If it can be bought to be washed, do it. You will thank yourself later when you are not hurting your back trying to keep your rug clean.

Bins Everywhere

Clutter tends to happen because we rarely put things back where we got them. A great hack to this if you cannot for the god of you put things back are bins. Having a decorative basket or bin littered throughout your house can help create a cleaner, more functional home. You can toss all items that are out of the place in there to organize later. You can also use bins to organize in general. Having a box and a palace for miscellaneous will also create the illusion of a cleaner home which will deter cleaning anxiety.

Side Tables Everywhere

Side tables are not just decorations. Living rooms often are a high traffic area, and clutter can often pour from the couch to the coffee table, but that is where side tables come to the rescue. They are traditionally much smaller than coffee tables and hence are made to be more minimalistic (by default). Keeping items that you do not want to be misplaced on an end table, such as remotes, is a great way to keep your home clutter-free and functional.

Side tables are not just limited to the living room. If your bedroom is getting cluttered, consider getting a bedside table as well. This will help keep your bedroom cleaner and also create a space for your bedroom essentials. Opting for one with storage will be highly beneficial for those with more necessary nighttime items. It can be a great place to house your light source, phone charger, and alarm clock. Bedside tables can also hold other essentials such as books, medicine, and emergency items. They are both practical and stylish.

Don’t Keep Things You Don’t Want…Including Gifts

And the biggest takeaway from this article should be to get rid of everything you do not want. Many people approach it by saying do not keep things you do not need, but that is a difficult question to answer. An easier one to answer is to toss anything you do not want. Do not feel guilty about tossing a gift. Your home is your oasis. Feeling forced to add clutter to it will surely not impress your gift-giver. Eventually, everyone that has given you a gift will forget about it, and the true purpose of a gift is sentiments. So gather your feelings and donate anything you do not want instead of letting it collect dust on your shelf. Free up the space and live in your home a little more freely.