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Being that people have been stuck at home more than they may have ever been in the past, and when jobs become uncertain you have to cut on the subscription cost and opt for other options like Dramacool. It’s not surprising that so many homeowners may have been fluffing and sprucing up their homes. Staying at home has, perhaps, brought you face-to-face with all the changes that you want to do in your home, or those that you’ve now realized as problem areas, which you didn’t necessarily think of as such before.

Most notably, the pandemic has also changed the way that homeowners are now using their homes. Among the many new changes, the home is also now the place where homeowners do their work, as well as where children attend school through virtual classes. Hence, the need for home improvement projects, which you’ll take on yourself or with the help or your chosen contractors, like Nova Exteriors.

That said, these are some of the popular home improvement projects that others may have done (and that you may do, too) during this pandemic:

1. Deck Or Porch

For those homes with a garden, but without a deck or porch, the pandemic has seen many families creating outdoor living arrangements in their yards. That way, they still have their own retreat or oasis, even if they’re just within their properties.

A deck or porch is a well-loved home improvement because it gives families that added space outdoors. This can be used for many functions, like homeschooling and working, for that change of scenery. Families can also now enjoy outdoor meals and barbeque, or for parents to have a place to lounge on while they watch their children play.

2. Bathroom Remodels

The bathroom can easily be one of the most neglected parts of a home, compared to its more visible counterparts, like the living and dining areas, as well as the kitchen.

But, remember that your bathroom goes through a lot of wear and tear, too, and it shouldn’t just be a place for you to ‘do your thing.’ It can also be your little escape. Especially for those with young children, it can be overwhelming to not have alone time away from them. The bathrooms now can be seen as an avenue to relax over a nice bath or enjoy a good shower.

For example, for households that previously didn’t see the need for a tub, now, they’re having one installed. The children can use it for playtime, while parents can enjoy a warm bath for their ‘me time.’

Bathroom renovation is also a great way to add value to your home. It can make a statement and reflect your style, making it an excellent way to update an older home and make it more modern and functional.

3. Smart Home Devices

Smart homes are also now becoming even more popular. The more gadgets you have, the better. This can buy you extra time, especially when you can get overwhelmed with having everyone home, eating at least three meals a day, not to mention all the mess that comes with it.

So, many households are switching their old appliances for newer, multi-functionm, and more energy-efficient options. For example, well-loved ones are multi-cookers, dishwashers, new washing machines, air fryers, ring door bells and cameras, and robot vacuums, among the many.

4. Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is another part of the home that homeowners are now serious about remodeling, given all of the cooking that they’re doing.

Assume that, in the past, with most individuals working in the office and children going to school, cooking in the kitchen may not have been that heavy. Meals for breakfast can be easy and quick, lunches are usually packed, so the cooking could’ve been reserved for dinner and the weekend.

Now that everyone’s at home, that’s a minimum of three full meals, plus the snacks. So, there may be areas in your home that you’ve now realized as not working as efficiently anymore. Or, that the layout doesn’t work for you. Perhaps, the flooring is already showing signs of wear and tear, or that the storage is poor.

Among the many improvements done in the kitchen, the pandemic has brought on the need for more storage. This means a better-functioning pantry that can house more food so that you can shop in bulk and have outside exposure less frequently.

5. Painting Works

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Painting works in a home are also well-loved and popular during the pandemic because they’re quite cheap and easy to DIY. For those who find that being at home has given them more free time, all that idle time could be spent doing something productive for the house, such as repainting.

The home’s exterior is a good target for those repainting jobs as it goes through the most wear and tear after being exposed to the harsh elements of weather conditions.


With this list of home improvement projects that other homeowners have been making, perhaps, you, too, are motivated enough to go ahead and get yours done. This is only a guide, however, so you can check if your home needs any remodeling project. Or, perhaps, there are other areas in your home that you know can use that brand new look. More than anything else, the key is in ensuring that the home improvements you do in your home do precisely that: improve your home.