Rugs are a small addition to home decor that is often foreseen. They provide softness, absorb noise, and act as good interior insulators, lowering heating costs. Aside from its practicality, carpets can completely transform a place by connecting a color scheme together and providing texture, dimension, and a bold style. Another reason why people will rarely pass up the chance to use an area rug in a living room? They draw lines and designate zones, designating areas dedicated only to rest and relaxation.

The following article will present the top rug decor ideas for your living room. You want it to look put together and appealing, maybe with something vintage to it. Or you want to go all out and invest in a vibrantly colored rug. Either way, rugs such as the Isabella area rug by Momeni are the perfect addition to your home, no matter the room.

Living room rug decor ideas

Retro and chic

Retro area rugs tend to be colorful and vibrant, with some noticeable patterns to them. You can easily overcrowd by implementing them, so you need a good strategy. Combine them with some neutral art and ornaments to tone them down. But, if you want to reach that chic style, they are definitely the right choice. Your living room is the place that is most noticeable to visitors, and you want it to show off your personality, that is why you reset Honeywell thermostats to keep it warm and comfortable. Choose a retro rug that describes you the best. You can choose one that is brand new, one that is worn out, with or without tassels. If you want to risk it a little bit, try hanging one on your bare wall, as a statement piece.

Originally, retro area rugs are supposed to stand in front of furniture elements, or beneath them. As with any other rug, retro area rugs should be placed beneath the coffee table and the front legs of your sofa. Rectangular and oval rugs are your go-to choice in any situation, including this one. If you feel inspired, place your retro rugs in front of your cupboard, fireplace, or under your favorite vase.

Neutral and simple

Another style most people go for is the neutral approach to the living room. Neutral colors go well with everything, and if you want your room to be put together, then using the white, beige, brown, and dark shades is your go-to choice. After that, you can buy colorful furniture, art, and lots of ornaments, just to add some color and personality to the place. Living rooms with neutral area rugs are cozy and comfortable, and if the rug material is spot on, the whole place looks extremely welcoming.

Using some patterns, such as lines or small dots is also a great idea that works well on neutral rugs. You have two choices when it comes to pattern coloring. You can either opt for a bold color that will become the accent color of the room, or you can opt for a neutral color that is a darker or lighter shade of the carpet. This will add some dimension to the rug, making it look ten times better. If you want to stick to the safe side, a plain, neutral rug is always a good idea.


Layering up in your living room is always a great idea, and you can hardly go wrong with it. You can do the classic layering, with a neutral, bright carpet that extends to each wall, or nearly close to it. Ideally, a carpet should extend around 12 inches from the wall on all four sides. But, if you want some extra warmth, then you should look for a wall-to-wall carpet. A bright carpet is the right choice if you want to make the room look bigger. To reach the opposite effect, opt for a dark-colored carpet. Another reason why you’d want to choose a bright carpet is to accentuate the area rug above it.

We’ve said it hundreds of times: neutrals go well with everything, especially when you’re layering. You can opt for a vibrantly colored area rug, fluffy asymmetrical rug, chic retro one that screams color and pattern… just put it over the neutrally colored carpet, and voila! You’ve become a certified interior designer in two simple steps.

Accentuate areas

Area rugs in your living room can accentuate different parts of it. You can invest in a few of the same color and pattern and lay them under different parts of the room. A smaller, rectangular area rug can be placed in front of the fireplace, another one can go beneath your coffee table, and one other area rug can lay comfortably in front of your bookshelves. It’s a great way to make the elements more visible to people who visit, and it’s a great conversation starter all in one.