3 Air Conditioning Tips to Save You Money

Once you’ve had an air conditioner in your home, there’s no going back. The level of comfort that an air conditioning unit gives you makes life so much better in those warm summer months. This doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, though! For example, check out the air conditioning at SupaCool.

Choose the Right Size Unit for Your Home

Whether it’s a single-room unit or a whole-home system, you want to make sure that your purchase fits your home. Think about how many windows you have, what direction they face, and how much open space there is between rooms.

Just because you buy a bigger unit doesn’t mean that it will keep your home cooler, either. It could just end up costing you more money when the unit has to work harder for a small space.

Keep Your Unit Well Maintained

You might think that getting a service tech out to look at your unit will cost you more money, but if they can adjust small issues rather than big ones, you’re going to save a lot in the long run. Additionally, if your unit is struggling to work because of problems, it’s going to be costing you more money each time you run it.

Alter Your Temperature for Different Times of Day

If your unit is always running at the same temperature, you’re wasting precious energy (and money!). For example, if you’ve got it set at your comfortable temperature all day long while you’re at work, then your unit is working during those warm hours when no one is home, costing you money.

Most people can stand to raise their thermostat a couple of degrees in the evening, too, since the air outside isn’t so hot and they’ll just be sleeping. That all being said, if your thermostat has to work hard to adjust for large swings, that will take a lot of extra energy. So, keep the adjustments within a small range.


Your family’s comfort shouldn’t have to come at the expense of your entire budget. There are plenty of ways to save money while running your air conditioner that keep costs low and comfort high.