The water heater is a primary system in the home that is responsible for optimum function. Without hot water, there would be no relaxing showers, sanitary households, clean laundry or dishes, nor would people be able to cook or have healthy meals.

Unfortunately, many hot water systems fade into the background of day-to-day life, often overlooked when it comes to care and upkeep. While the best-installed unit can operate for years, roughly a lifespan of 15 years, that doesn’t imply homeowners should avoid preventive measures to preserve the unit and extend its longevity.

Expert plumbers, please visit for an example, are the ideal specialists for performing preventive inspections and routine maintenance of water heating units, particularly if your system has reached its lifespan or is irreparable and needs to be replaced.

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Enlisting the services of an unqualified handyperson or attempting the project in a DIY capacity can result in further damage and a greater expense.

The credentialed plumber has adequate tools and equipment, not to mention sufficient time in the industry, a strong skill set, and a solid reputation, allowing less time to diagnose and correct the problem with longer-lasting results.

Tips On What to Consider with Water Heater Repair

Homeowners rely on their water heaters for day-to-day functions, including the soothing shower after a long, hard day, preparing a homecooked dinner, cleaning and sanitizing the house, dishes, and laundry.

These systems are so reliable that they tend to fade into the background with minimal thought regarding their care and upkeep.

Unfortunately, without a credentialed plumbing specialist taking proactive measures to inspect and maintain the system routinely, it runs the risk of more frequent repairs and a shorter lifespan.

Many people don’t recognize their level of dependence on hot water until there’s a malfunction or breakdown. When this happens, panic is a first reaction before reaching out to a pro for an immediate fix. Here are the benefits of enlisting the services of a plumbing professional for water heater maintenance and repairs.

Preventive inspections/routine maintenance

A tune-up or preventive maintenance checks and adjustments should be performed with water heaters, including flushing the equipment and switching the anode rod. These techniques can make the system function more efficiently, meaning lower utility costs compared to a heater that’s been neglected.

With preventive inspections, repairs can be kept to fewer with minimal chance for the unit to malfunction or break down, resulting in extensive damages with expensive corrections.

With adequate checks, the plumbing professional can help to decrease the instances of rust aside from mitigating the standard wear and tear and the possibility of defects. Learns tips on water heater maintenance and how to extend its life:

Safety first

A hot water system usually runs on a 240-volt power cord. This has the potential for administering a lethal shock when combined with the possibility of leaking, which is a common issue or flooding.

A homeowner should avoid DIY repair or install in favor of using a plumbing professional with the expertise to work safely under these conditions.

A tankless hot water system can have similar harmful circumstances when there’s a defect, as do gas-fueled systems with the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks in a confined space. This can lead to severe repercussions for the household and those living there.

The professional has the expertise to ensure the heater complies with all safety regulations and will satisfy building codes. An unqualified contractor could put you at risk of violating these regulations, resulting in considerable penalties and fines.

In that same vein, an insurance carrier will be less likely to accept a claim if there is electrical or water damage from a newly installed water heater by an amateur or anyone other than a licensed professional.

The installation

Hiring a professional to install a new water heater or replace the current system is a critical step toward building a rapport with a plumbing expert. This is important since the expert will be the person whom you come to trust to service the hot water system over the course of its lifespan.

With some reputable plumbing professionals, you will receive a discount for their inspections and maintenance on the units they installed.

The expert is familiar with the model and your household, allowing them to diagnose and detect defects promptly and make corrections readily, given their keen knowledge of the equipment.

When this system reaches the end of its lifespan, the expert will have the most knowledge of your household, those living in the home, and your usage in order to recommend an adequate upgrade.

Someone unfamiliar with your circumstances wouldn’t have access to the same essential details to make as informed of a suggestion. Go here for tips on selecting a new water heater.

Final Thought

The water heater is an essential component of the home’s functionality, without which those living in the house wouldn’t be able to perform their standard day’s activities, including a refreshing shower.

When you enlist the services of a quality licensed plumbing professional, you can rest assured of a proper installation and adequate preventive inspections with routine maintenance to allow efficient operations and a reduction in utility costs.

The plumber will also ensure you meet home insurance requirements and maintain the integrity of the unit’s warranty.

As a homeowner, you will likely experience the biggest regret by contacting an amateur or unqualified plumbing professional to repair or install your hot water system.

Developing a rapport with the highest quality licensed professional will allow the expert to become familiar with your unit and household so maintenance, repairs, and an eventual upgrade will be straightforward and simple.