The Importance of Hand Dryers in Commercial, Business and Staff Washrooms

The power, features and ability of hand dryers have come a long way and in these modern times, there’s virtually no reason for a business not to invest in one—regardless of its size.

They provide excellent hygienic abilities, they’re sustainable, extremely cost-effective, and they look great in any washroom they’re installed in. If you want to impress your customers and make new ones, investing in high-quality commercial hand dryer is a great way to start.

For instance, look at how inexpensive these hand dryers are. Not many people are going to be convinced that you as a business owner, can’t afford a decent hand dryer.

Top Benefits of Installing a Commercial Hand Dryer at Your Business:

The following benefits alone should be enough to compel a business owner to install a commercial hand dryer:

  1. Excellent Washroom Décor Upgrade
  2. Increased Customer Satisfaction
  3. Improved Washroom Experience
  4. Convenient and Timesaving
  5. Environmentally Friendly
  6. Versatile and Customizable
  7. Cost-Effective in the Long-Term
  8. Improved Hygiene
  9. Perfect for Universal Washrooms

Excellent Washroom Décor Upgrade:

Investing in one of the high-quality commercial hand dryers is not only a practical choice but it’s also a great way to make a statement and upgrade the overall look and feel of your washroom.

Increased Customer Satisfaction:

One thing that every business owner can be assured of after installing a hand dryer in their commercial washroom is that regardless of whether the paper towels run out, customers will always be able to wash and dry their hands.

Improved Washroom Experience:

The use of hand dryers can provide a more pleasant and comfortable experience for customers and staff while in the washroom. The absence of messy paper towels and cluttered waste bins can contribute to a cleaner and more appealing washroom environment.

Convenient and timesaving:

Hand dryers provide a fast and convenient way for customers and staff to dry hands which saves time and reduces wait times in busy washrooms.

Environmentally friendly:

Hand dryers are an eco-friendlier option compared to paper towels as they reduce waste and paper, and lead to lower energy bills.

Versatile and Customizable: 

Most modern commercial hand dryers come with adjustable speed, sound control, and heat settings which makes them suitable for a wide range of environments.

Cost-Effective in the Long-Term:

Commercial hand dryers are not expensive. Aside from the upfront cost of installing one, they have a long lifespan and provide ongoing cost savings in terms of reduced waste, energy bills, and maintenance needs

Improved Hygiene: 

Hand dryers do improve increased hygiene in washrooms, and they eliminate the need for shared ‘touchpoints’ such as paper towel dispensers which reduces the spread of germs. And most modern commercial hand dryers come with HEPA filtration that purifies the hair used to dry the hands and the air being dispersed in the room which reduced the spread of unwanted bacteria.

Perfect for Universal Washrooms: 

In today’s commercial landscape, every business should have a Universal Washroom that’s dedicated to providing accessibility to all individuals including those with disabilities. Hand dryers can make it easier for people with disabilities to dry their hands if that’s their preference, and generally make it more inclusive for all individuals.

If your convinced that a minor hand dryer upgrade will benefit your business and bottom line, read all the ways you can make a bigger impact on your customers and staff by making a few simple and inexpensive washroom upgrades too.

Today is the Time to Invest in a Commercial Hand Dryer

It’s high time to make the switch and invest in a commercial hand dryer today. What exactly is stopping you? You’ll be glad you did, your customers and staff will, and it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll ask you ‘what took you so long?’